Thursday, September 28, 2006

Celebrity look alikes....

A friend of mine sent me a link to this My Heritage website today( It is a fun website that you upload a picture too and they scan your face to find celebrity look alikes. Sometimes it depends on picture you take and how your face is in the picture, they say to do a few pictures to see what people keep popping back up. For the pictures that I did Scarlett kept popping back up (3 times). For Keith Xzibit kept coming up again and again, but Ice Cube is not on the list nor is Jerome Bettis who he often hears he looks like.

Here is a look at who Keith and I matched up with:

My look alikes

Keith's look alike

So go now and let us know who you look like and report back! you can leave it in the comments below....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Date Night
Keith asked me on a date last night, we tossed around a few ideas. We finally decided on dinner and a movie. We went to Pasta Pomadoro in Pleasant Hill. It was okay the food wasn't wonderful but the company was. It was SO nice to get out and have a mid-week break!
After the dinner we went to see the movie. It was a really good feel good movie about a guy who decides that in order to change the lives of the young jailed juvenile's he works with he needs to start a football team. We recommend that everyone go see it. We didn't get home till a little late but the date was well worth it!

Monday, September 25, 2006

....California Sunrise.....

Monday mornings, yuck, yuck, yuck...especially when you have to be up and out of the house at 6:45 am! On the road with other people -who are miserable it is Monday- and it is so early and they are in the car next to the radio -and not in bed with the pillow. So as I dragged myself out of bed this morning and onto the road I was surprised to see this out of my car window..what an AMAZING sunrise! I quickly grabbed my camera phone so I could share it with Keith who was still sound asleep in bed, because this one was worth getting up for! Usually we are blessed with amazing sunsets that light the sky with all sorts of colors, I love them! I always think it takes a lot of work to make the perfect sunset, and I am going to assume even more work to create this sunrise on the west coast I wanted to share it with all 3 of you that may be reading this and say happy monday...this made it getting up at 6:00 am for!

...The weekend flies by...
This weekend went by so fast it doesn't even feel like it was ever here. Who invented the two day weekend and the 5 day work week? I think we would like to pick a bone with them!! SO Friday I went out with Niki and Ashlei to Stanfords in Walnut Creek. Stanfords is a nice restaurant that has a great happy hour! From 9pm to closing they have meals for $1.95-3.95. And these are not small meals, they are regular meals at a wonderful price!! The bad thing is the wait for a table, and it is first come first grab so you have to scope the place out and be ready to dive for the first table you see. We did pretty good and got a table in only a matter of mins., I think that is a new record!
Here is a pictures of Niki talking at Stanfords! The menu and the drinks on the table.

Saturday was a long day! I had a wedding ALL day long! I really hated that because it took my whole day! I had to be at the ceremony at 10am, it didn't start until 12pm. Ashlei went with me to help. We pinned flowers on, light candles, rolled out the aisle runner, qued the processional, and then after the ceremony we took the pew bows down and took them to the reception site. It was about 1pm and we had to be at the Ceremony at 3pm so we went to get something to eat at Americano. Really nice place right on the embarcadero in SF, across from the ferry building. It was an amazing day out in SF!

So after lunch we went back to the wedding and we set up.It was at the Yank Sing restaurant in the Ricon Center. A really pretty place, they have a waterfall that falls from the ceiling down to a fountain below that adds a really pretty centerpiece to the wedding. We set out 25 centerpieces, and 275 favors at each place setting, guest book and so on and then qued everything throughout the night. We got home around 10pm, and we were tired. Keith had spent the day cleaning up, and working on music, he was just about asleep when I got home. I hate when he is asleep when I get home I feel like I missed a call from my best friend when I can't chat to him about everything that happen that day.

Sunday we got up and talked then I had to run off to meet with a client. On the way home I went to Andronico's and picked up some stuff from the deli, and a bottle of wine. I put together a wonderful afternoon spread (sorry my camera had no more batteries) and we sat out back and enjoyed that with some conversation. I then went to meet my friend Sofia to hang out for a bit, and then on to see my dad. Came back home in time for the end of the niner game and watched TV with Keith. Then the weekend was over. Here are some more pictures from the wedding I did.

They had a Lion Dance:

Friday, September 22, 2006


...Let me go walking...
So yesterday I (Michelle) decided that I wanted to go hiking in the Limeridge Open Space that is right by our house. I have seen some people walking in the hills there for a little while and have been wanting to go. Since I walk around the block at work two times a day for 20 minutes I wanted something that was going to be a little more challenging, a little more uphill. So I went home ate dinner real quick, ran to store to get some things for the house and set off on my little walk. My sister in law Ashlei came along with. Funny because she would say hiking like it was funny because she really doesn't go hiking. Neither do I. I have always loved it though. I remember being in girl scouts, at science camp, on retreat and going for hikes in the woods and loving it. I especially love hikes in the woods near creeks because I find them so peaceful.
So we set out. I had read on-line that there were animals and coyotes in north limeridge so I was going to try and stay on the south side of the ridge. And I didn't want to hike too much in the dark, so we didn't have that long. All in all we hiked for about 45 minutes uphill, it made me feel so accomplished. Just wish I had brought a bottle of water. It was breathtaking up there with the sun setting. I had my phone with me so I took some pictures with my camera phone but next time I think I am going to have to bring my camera to really capture the views.
We got back home and Keith and I watched Gray's Anatomy and the new show Six Degrees of separation. Both were good, Gray's Anatomy is one of our favorites.
The homes in the new Monticieto housing development:

A pretty tree on the upper part of the ridge:

The pretty sunset, sorry a little fussy I didn't actually stop walking to take the picture :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wonderful Graffiti
We ran across this website some time ago and thought we would share. It is a wonderful idea, and lots of fun for those who love to decorate. We have already shared it with some of you via email but thought we would post it here too.
It is a website that does wall graffiti that looks like it is painted directly on the surface you apply it to. You can put them on walls, mirrors, doors, furniture.. There are lots of ideas on the website. We are thinking of what and where to put one...but we will have this in our home eventually.
It is hard to decide on a favorite quote or color. They are removable and easy to place on the wall, the website has step by step instructions. So get started today before you know it we will have a quote or monogram on every wall in the place!

Monday, September 18, 2006

A weekend without weddings...

So I didn't have any weddings this weekend so we were able to hang out most of the weekend and I didn't have to rush off anywhere. I have weddings for the next 4 weeks so it is nice to have a break inbetween.

Friday Niki and I went to see Little Mrs. Sunshine. We did it old school and got Togo sandwiches and snuck them into the old "dome" theatre in Concord. It was fun, and the movie was great.

Saturday Keith and I layed around and got up late. We watched "The Family Stone" in the moring it was pretty good. Finally after the movie we got ready and headed out. Keith's Mom wanted to go to a furniture place to see what she is going to buy once she gets her own place.

Sunday I went to Marine World, Keith doesn't do amusement parks yet (says he will once we have a child). So myself, Lynda, my mom, Ashlei, Julie, Chris and the two cutest girls went to Marine World. It was a late bday gift for the girls and it was lots of fun. I haven't been there in a while. I was a little sad that so many rides were shut down. I don't know if it was because it is late in the season or what but there were a couple I really wanted to go on. It was a fun day, here are some pictures.

When I went home keith and I watched an Unfinished Life, it was really good, I recommend seeing it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A special surprise
Keith loves sweets! So yesterday on the way home I was stuck in some horrible traffic (yuck)! So I decided to take the side street home, and it takes me right by Katrina Rozelle's in Alamo. Katrina is where Keith and I got our wedding cake, and we have gotten many cakes since for birthdays and special occasions.
Keith and I also love their chocolate chip cookies, and their chocolate cookies which are for those who would love chocolate shot right into their veins. So I decided to get him some chocolate chip cookies to surprise him with. As the girl behind the counter was placing them into a bag I asked her wrap them instead. They put them in a pretty box, with some pretty ribbon around it, and finish it off with a gold foil sticker! It makes them so much more special. So I went home and Keith was out back working on the patio and was all smiles when he saw the box. He is actually asking for more today, but it wouldn't be a treat if I did it all the time. It is a nice way to keep the marriage fun and to let him know that I think of him...random acts of kindness!
If you are ever in Alamo or Berkeley check out Katrina Rozelle's. They have great cakes by the slice, or whole, and cookies that will leave you asking for more!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

....Date Night...

Keith and I *heart* the Cheesecake Factory. So much so that we often fight the parking and people traffic of Union Square in SF to go there to eat. We love the appetizers, the martini's, and the cheesecake! So I am very excited to say that they are opening one in a month at the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton! I work in Pleasanton! SO when Keith comes to meet me out here for our date nights we can go to the Cheesecake Factory! VERY EXCITING!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend in Review!!
This weekend my Natalie came into town to stay with us. It was fun! We had a great time. I have had weddings every weekend for the past 6 weeks so I was happy to have a weekend off, it slowed me down a bit because I am always use to running off to a wedding. I have found when I slow down I get tired so I was a bit tired this weekend. Keith was in rare form and got the weekend off to a fun start with a text message to Natalie acting as myself.... boys. So she came over on Friday after the concert and then Saturday I had an appointment in Walnut Creek. I took her with me because she wanted me to drop her off at the gym. After that we went to Moraga to see her Mom at work, then then back home to get ready. We went to Berkeley and had a great time walking around and seeing the berkeley sites, and shopping. We went back home to relax and then went out to drinks with Niki and Eli. Eli went to highschool with me, and him and Natalie went to a "dance" (a.k.a. Jr. Prom) together. Through myspace (aww gotta love myspace) they have kept in touch and remain friends... it was a fun night with lots of laughs at a local bar. We got home around 3am... Sunday we went to her Mom's house for brunch and then did a drive by at the Pittsburg Seafood festival. We got there a little late and it was only about an hour left in the festival. Then back to home to relax and nap...then off the airport. Weekends go by so fast, especially when you have good friends to share it with!!

....Friday Night....

Friday Keith and I went to see Mary J Blige at the Concord Pavillion. Keith didn't really want to see Jahiem or Latoya who were opening up for Mary J. , so we left a little late but got there right in time. We got there right as Mary J. Blige got on stage.
It was a really fun time, and Mary J. was amazing to hear in person. She sounded as good as or better than her albums. She sang songs from way back till now...and she sang Keith and I's song "Be Without You". We had a wonderful time singing and dancing together! Great way to start a weekend!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

....Casa Thornton....
Keith and I are getting the house together very nicely. We have been done for about a month so I wanted to share some pictures. As much as I would love to take credit for this, I can't. I insert my opinions here and there but really Keith is wonderful at anything creative and our place shows that. I had input on the colors, he brings ideas to life. Sometimes I can't always see the vision but at the end of the day I am surprised by what he does. I realize I am lucky to have married a man with so many talents...
Here are some new pics of the living room:
This is one of the living room walls right when you come in the door and into the living room. Keith pained the stripe on the wall, you can't really see but between the light blue and dark blue there is a green stripe. He made the ottomans, they open so you can put things in them for storage which is nice. We got the mirrors from Ikea, and the Bamboo (housewarming gift from my Mom--thanks mom) and vase from zgallerie.

Keith painted a picture for the living room, it takes up the back wall. It is really nice, and has gotten lots of compliments from people who have seen it. Most can't believe he painted it. The first picture was taken before he did the work above so you will see the old curly willow that was there and the plain wall, I will try and take an updated picture of it all.

Here are some other pictures of the painting he made.

Finally here is a picture of our guest bedroom set.

......Let them eat cake! ...

So last night I (Michelle) got a great idea to make some cupcakes I saw on-line the other day. They seemed really good, and pretty easy. They were pecan praline cupcakes. So I went out last night and bought all I needed to make these cupcakes. I thought I would surprise Keith and myself with this treat. Baking is not my specialty, especially from scratch! But I wanted to try something new. I am much better at making a "dinner entree" then I am a dessert like a cake or a cupcake.

So I started baking when everyone was done with dinner, the batter turned out great and I knew I was off to a great start. But I put the batter in the cupcake cups and I overfilled them. Much to my horror when I looked in the oven to check on them, they had overflowed and were flat on top. (sorry no picture). At this point I had already started to make the frosting so I decided to go ahead an make the batter again and make a cake. Those in the house who tried the flattened cupcakes agreed they were good, just wouldn't look so pretty. So I started again. The cake turned out fine this time, but the frosting was a bit too sweet for my taste. I put it on top anyhow, and lined up the pecans in little rows. It tasted okay, just not wonderful....I digress baking is not my thing. Now I have to come up with a dinner to redeem myself...hum....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

..Don't call us on Sunday's at 10pm..
Unless it is an emergency...because we won't pick up the phone. Why you ask? Because the new season's are starting for shows on TV but most important of them all, THE WIRE is starting a new season on HBO. Both Keith and I enjoy meeting in the living room every Sunday evening and watching this show unfold. For Christmas I bought Keith the DVD of season one, and he has watched them several times since then. We are both really excited about the show coming back. A article in the Chronicle today reminded me why I loved the show so much! Here is a link to the article, so if by chance you too want to get hooked you can see what is all about. http:// . Chronicle writer Tim Goodman says it best in this ariticle; "Rather than split hairs, let's just say that the breadth and ambition of "The Wire" are unrivaled and that taken cumulatively over the course of a season -- any season -- it's an astonishing display of writing, acting and storytelling that must be considered alongside the best literature and filmmaking in the modern era. " We are telling you it is THAT good! So watch and get hooked on the best TV show on TV right now.
"THE BEST SHOW ON TV" - San Francisco Chronicle
" IMPECCABLE" - San Jose Mercury News
"UNFLINCHING" - Los Angeles Daily News
"EXPLOSIVE" - Detroit Free Press
"ADDICTIVE" - New York Post
To see more info about the show visit , it is REALLY good you won't want to miss this.
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