Monday, August 30, 2010

The Twins update 22 weeks 5 days

We got to see the twins on Friday at our ultrasound. They happen every 4 weeks so we will have another one in Sept. on the 24th. The appointment was long, it took about two hours to get through, and then they called me back get more images that day. It is fun to see the babies though so it is fine, although most of the appointment I don't get to actually see anything. I will say the Tech's are very nice and talkative and that is nice. I got the results today and they both seem to be doing just fine.

Some stats:

Baby A:
Measured 22w and 5 days
Heart rate was 130 BPM (beats per minute)
estimated weight is 1 lb 3 oz

Baby B:
Measuring a bit ahead at 23 weeks 1 day
Heart rate 139 BPM (beats per minute)
estimated weight is 1 lbs 5 oz

Both were moving around A LOT, active little boys already :).

I also wanted to record this since I have it somewhere.
I started feeling flips at 11 weeks , kicks at 14 weeks, and outside feeling kicks at 22 weeks 4 days.

Darrian's 3 year check up..

We had a marathon Drs. appt day on friday, one LONG ultrasound for me and then Darrian's check up and a blood draw for him. He was funny when we got to his appt. he kept saying "I don't need to see the Dr. I feel better". He did great with the Dr. though and the Dr. kept saying that Darrian was no small guy and we don't need to worry about growth with him.
His stats were 40 inches tall and 42 lbs.

I can tell he is about to grow again too, my little guy getting so big. He also said D's motor skills are great, and talking a lot. The blood draw actually went really good, he didn't cry till after really when everyone made a big deal about how great he did.

We have started potty training too, a work in progress. Hard to believe in two weeks my peanut is 3!

Malia Turns 9!!

We celebrated Malia's 9th birthday with her on 8/14. Amazing how fast they grow, and again can't believe she is almost a decade old! We had a great time at her flower themed party, and the kids had a ton of fun playing in bubbles on the trampoline. Darrian loves birthday parties and ask me to go to one every weekend. He keeps asking it if is Malia's birthday again, or Ivy, or Lily's.. any of them will do :).

Here are some pictures of the fun party:

Opps starting at the end. Darrian blew out Malia's first set of candles.. and was so proud of himself :) This was the redo.

Here it is in action, he got them all too :)
The first time:

Lily sat out of the trampoline maddness, smart girl. Super pretty too!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The TWINS! (pictures)

The first look at the twins back on 5/17/10

Here are some pictures of the twins:

Boy Shot of baby A 18 weeks 6 days

Baby B facing the back 12 week NT scan

baby A profile 12 weeks

Baby A boy shot at 12 weeks 6/17

Baby B boy shot and profile picture at 18 weeks and 6 days

Profile shot of baby A 18 week 6 days.

Darrian's first trip to the Library..

I finally got around to taking Darrian to the library. I took him once last year for a Halloween event, but that was not really to pick out books. This time we went to the new Lafayette Library, it is really pretty and amazing how much they thought of when building it. There is even a little outdoor terrace off the kids area to go outside and look at books. He was really good, was not loud, did not grab a bunch of books off the shelfs.. all he did was sit at a little table and we looked at books together. We picked out a bunch to come home with us. I usually stand over his bed ever night and read him short little books. I decided to change our routine a bit and he now comes into our bed and I read him a few books then I take him into bed. I can't wait to take him back he really loved checking the books out himself.

Friday, August 06, 2010

A few more FL pictures...

Ok the last of the last.. Niki's husband Jonathan has a love for photography like I do. He just upgraded his Canon (I am jealous) and has a full on studio in a room at their house. Lucky guy! Niki and I went out to get pedicures and he took these pictures of the kids. I was so happy he did! So great to capture them all in one picture together. Darrian is the just 5 months older than London (one in blue) and Kylie is 4 years old and about 3 months. They had such fun together!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Continued Flordia Vacation..

We went to Downtown Disney one of the days, but it was super hot. We checked out the lego store and they have a HUGE disney store too. The rest of our days were spent swimming, relaxing, and the beach. Darrian LOVED the beach. I wish we had warmer beaches here to take him too. He keeps asking to go back.

We had a really great time, despite some bumps I would do it again. I think that Darrian would have a more familiar sense of what is going on and be easier on me. I also would let loose a bit and not try and get him to act a way he is not used to having to act. I am so thankful for Niki and Jonathan, and that they welcomed Darrian and I into their home. It is amazing we are all grown with children, and children on the way. I am glad that I was able to introduce Darrian to people who mean a lot to me. He ask for them all the time. He loved playing with Kylie and London, I really think THEY were the highlight of his trip. He would be fine just being around them. I am thankful they put up with us, our different ways, and Darrian's LOUD screaming. :)


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