Thursday, October 13, 2011


Where has the time gone, I know I know.. If I look back over this blog the past TEN months I am going to see one theme. I am dead tired all the time. It is getting better.. but having three small one's doesn't make it easy to sleep, focus on myself, or get things done in a timely manner.

The boys are all doing great. Miles and Quincy are 10 months (pictures soon) and Miles is standing on his own, trying out a few steps here and there. Darrian is doing great in school, he is the MOST outgoing person I have ever met. He enjoys his three days a week, and the teacher raves about what a great helper he is. He also started Sunday school and really likes that too, we choose a new parish and I really like it. Lots of young families, and great sense of community. The boys will be baptized there this coming Sunday. Miles standing on his own:

Our biggest event over the past month was our first ER visit with the twins. Honestly with Darrian he was in ER once for a stomach bug. Thus far in my mommy-career I had not had a "injury" ER visit *knock on wood. Well that record came to a quick end on 10/1. I had the boys in the living room getting ready to go for a walk, and I went to get Darrian water. Coming back from the kitchen I see Miles standing near a side table in the living room. He falls and hits the table with at the bottom with his mouth. I scoop him up.. blood. Lots. I try to locate where it is coming from and see his front tooth is pointing out at me in a 90 degree angle. We quickly pack all the boys in the car and head to the ER. A horrible x-ray (trying to get a 9 month old to hold still is not easy), and lots of talk later (5 hours later) the Drs. made the call to pull the tooth. This required putting Miles under, then waiting for him to wake up. I was/am totally bummed. Also having Quincy and Darrian in the ER was horrible, I need to really find a babysitter who can help us out. I am thankful it is just a tooth, thankful it is a baby tooth.. but I am bummed he won't have a tooth until either at 4 we put a bridge in or wait for the adult tooth to come in. He is fine, we are ok.. just not a great moment.

One thing I have noticed about Quincy this month. He has a song in his heart, and he loves Adele. Put some Adele in, he is quiet, sings along and dances a long. It makes my heart melt a bit every.single.time.

I spend most of my evenings with the kids, trying to get them outside riding a bike, walking, going to parks. When the babies are asleep Darrian, Keith and I play board games (candyland is a favorite right now) or Darrian and I have special talks where we lay in my bed and talk about the day, life. I love the special time with him. This Friday I told him we are going to have a slumber party! We are going to make popcorn, watch a movie, play board games, and then he can sleep in our bed. We will talk till we fall asleep. It is special treat, that I am using like a carrot on a string for him. I hope we get to do it because I think I am *almost* as excited as he is. :)

As for me I am doing ok. I often wish I had a "boring" life, where there was not a lot of stress going on. However it seems like there is always something coming up, I just have to know it is going to all work out. This year I wanted to worry less, and I have not been successful at all times, but I am trying. I have lots of great people in my life reminding me to stay calm, stay hopeful, and know that it will work out. Their constant voice has been my strength so many times. At the end of the day I am so blessed, I have a amazing little family. Keith and I have created so much in our relationship and I am thankful for all that keeps me grounded. On that note I went to Apple Hill this past weekend and got to see a good friend Debbie, and go with Chris and Julie and the girls. I love it up there, and I swear it brings me some clarity. And lots of baked goods.. can't be bad right? I will update again soon.. hope your all blessed and having great days!

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