Monday, September 19, 2011

8 months ..

Here is my 8 month photo dump of the boys. Not a whole lot going on at 8 months, Miles started trying to stand on his own. He does for a few minutes to let go and then ends up on his butt. He also tries to stand up from crawling, crazy kid. I would say 8 months brought increased hunger. They are both like puppies follow you around begging for food. They seem to eat a lot and want lots of finger foods.
I took some pictures of them when we were outback playing a couple weeks ago..

Miles clapping..

Darrian's 4th birthday..

We celebrated Darrian's 4th birthday last week. It was a low key birthday, but lots of fun was had. It doesn't take much to please a 4 year old. I had to scale way back from years past, and we were lucky enough to win a bounce house which was the highlight of the party. On his actual birthday he went to school and had a celebration with his classmates, then he asked if the whole family could go swimming Quincy and Miles included. So we went swimming at our community pool and came home had dinner, and he opened gifts from Grandma and from us. A couple months back I ordered this race track for him, it wassuch a hit. It is a 4 lane track where all his cars can race down together. The best part, it folds up for storage! So no lost pieces. I am a fan of that. Then on Saturday we had Darrian's birthday party. I worked with Barbara Neeley who did Darrian's 2nd birthday party to do the signs and graphics, I love how it came out.

Darrian loved his birthday party, he loves his friends. I feel so grateful for such wonderful people in our lives who are there for Darrian too. Next year for his 5th we will have a big blowout, the thought that we are headed to 5 years old is crazy to me. My baby is getting so big.

Here are some pictures of Darrian for his birthday celebrations.

Making a wish on his birthday..

Party time..

Is he not the cutest 4 year old you have ever seen??

His BFF from School.

The Safari bus

Safari cupcakes

His super pretty god sisters..

Auntie Niki and Miles

Miles and his god father

Quincy and Auntie Niki

Pinata time (stresses me out 3/4/5 year olds with a bat)

Ms W

After the party was over and before bed we took the twins into the bouncer for some family bounce time.

Quincy so CUTE!

Miles loved it!

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