Friday, January 29, 2010

A mushy special flashback friday..

I haven't done one of these in a while, and I have to say that I was looking back at old pictures of Darrian and a flood of feelings hit me. So this will be mushy. Its amazing to think of how much this little guy has brought so much fulfillment to my life. I know this sounds like stuff you read in a book, but really I didn't know I could love someone so much. I never ever felt this level of love.

I remember seeing this picture and thinking how much he looks like Daddy. I loved him then, he used to kick me so hard and I remember even then if a song came on the radio he would kick and move to it. Even then he loved music.

Then I met him and I was amazed at how alert he was (esp. being 6 weeks early) and how fast he fit into our lives. I remember feeling like he always belonged here with us.

Just when I thought he couldn't melt my heart more, he did this. That smile, it really is the money shot. I remember being so happy to capture this on camera, and then you did it over and over again. Even today I smile when you smile, it just does that to me.

He really does have the sweetest face I have ever seen..

He grew so fast, crawling, standing, walking.. I really missed the baby rolls on the legs and arms, and the chub in the face.

I think I have been sad to see him grow, I miss the baby days. I also though cherish the days I have right this moment. The conversations, that amazing smile, the request to snuggle, and the willingness to try new things. I know that statement that now that I am a mother my heart lives outside my body is so true, and what a wonderful gift it has been.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taking pictures..

My friend Kelly asked me to take pictures of her to make her maternity annoucement on her photography site. I was really flattered she asked me since she is a professional photographer. I was also really nervous. I was happy we got some good shots, and she found a few she liked.

Here are a few favorites that Kelly edited, I started to edit some but did not get to finish. She looks so great pregnant.

What has been up..

I feel like I haven't updated in a while. Hope you all are having a great new year! It has been ok around these parts, 3 weeks in and lots going on.

Darrian is getting so big, he comes up to above my hip now. My little baby is getting so big. He is so talkative too, It is really cute the little conversations he can have with me.

- He is really into repeating things, mainly everything Daddy says. I also will tell him things, he will remember and later tell them back to me. It is funny, and sort of random when these thoughts pop into his head.
A big one is I told him he had to be careful around cars, they could hit him, he has to hold hands. Since then he has told me this a MILLION times. Its funny, all of a sudden he will come over to me and say "Car hit you?", "Hold hands?", "be careful", "hold Mommy hand, Daddy hand, Grandma hand?" Hope I did not scar him for life or anything.

-He is also really into getting me to do things he does, he will dance then stop and say "you try Mommy, you try". Or he will make a silly face and ask me to try.

-His new things is "Snuggle me". He will come over to me with a blanket, or get into bed under the covers and ask me to "Snuggle me". I never turn down this offer.

-He has taken to singing, it is really sweet and cute. I will try and get it on tape soon.

He is so much fun, and full of life and I adore him.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Darrian seeing his bike for the first time..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Napa in the wintertime..

Grandma, me, and Darrian had a good outing last Saturday. Darrian needed to get out, and I needed to get some things for a party I am going to be hosting. I am looking for antique shops and found some really cute one's in Benicia so we headed there first. Such a cute little town. I found a few things I needed, and we decided to head towards Napa to get lunch. It was cloudy out but not raining which is nice. After lunch we drove through the little towns.. it is SO pretty up there. The setting no matter the time of year always is breathtaking. I found this little field off the side of the road and stopped to get pictures of Darrian. I feel like I haven't taken any good pictures of him lately and I was really glad we stopped. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Darrian's party featured...

I was searching this site today for some party ideas, and I realized that Darrian's party was featured on it :). Here is the link.. :)

Monday, January 04, 2010

A year in Review..

A recap of a year passed, idea stolen from fellow friends who did the same on their blog.
January 2009

We started the year out with a ton of birthday parties for Darrian's friends, Jan. is a popular month to be born. We also spent some time enjoying the CA winter with picnics in Sonoma.

We also made history and welcomed a new president, and a new era. I think this was my highlight of 2009.

I celebrated my 29th birthday, the last birthday I would celebrate in my 20's.

Darrian showed off some of his dancing skills

March 2009

Keith went to La for the weekend, and Darrian and I broke all the rules.

We also closed one door, and opened another with moving into a home with a backyard and some space. It proved to be the best choice, and the extra space was a huge bonus. We kept Darrian occupied by playing in the sink while Keith painted for endless hours.

I went out with some friends and celebrated my 29th birthday.

April 2009

We celebrated our favorite six year old's birthday.

Darrian refined his jumping skills, and found a favorite activity playing with a water hose.

The easter bunny came to visit..

May 2009
We celebrated many birthday's in May. Kelly's 30th, Niki's 29th, and a favorite girl of mine.. Lily's 1st!

We also spent lots of time at our favorite picnic spot in Sonoma.

June 2009

Keith and I celebrated 6 years married, I also remembered my Dad on his one year passing anniversary. I feel like Darrian grew up a lot in June, his toddler-ness was in full affect and baby fat was fading. Grandma bought him a new car, and he spent hours in it.

I went to a baseball game with the ladies

and Darrian met Elmo and his friends and LOVED them.

July 2009

We celebrated Natalie's birthday, and went to a fun kite festival, we also enjoyed a relaxing 4th weekend.

Devyn and I went to see a play and cashed in on the discount under 30 year old tickets.

Darrian fell in love with cars.

We also spent a lovely week in Cabo San Lucas and loved every minute of it.

August 2009

We celebrated Mom's birthday, Keith's birthday, Devyn's birthday, Greyson's birthday, Sean and Aiden's birthday and our favorite 8 year old's birthday. It is the birthday month.

September 2009
We celebrated Darrian turning TWO!!

Darrian got his first haircut and started school.

October 2009

We welcomed a new cousin to the family..

We celebrated Halloween as a firefighter, and visited a firestation.

We also did a good amount of cooking..

November 2009

We went to apple hill and had a great time..

We celebrated Turkey day with some of our favorite people.

December 2009

Darrian played in snow for the first time.

and we celebrated the holiday's.

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