Saturday, March 31, 2012

A story to write down...

My babies are growing so fast, learning so much. Miles is now ways "Mo nana" (More Banana) and both trying to talk up a storm.

So I wanted to share this story and picture on the blog. This twosome. You can't leave them for too long. The other day I walk in the living room and see both babies on the table trying to get in the highchair. Miles sees me and hits the deck, pretends to be asleep. I had to laugh it was a total "if I can't see her she can't see me moment" Nice try kid.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A fun girls day..

Saturday I went wine tasting with some of my favorite ladies. We were once lucky enough to work together, and we've been blessed to keep our friendship going. I look forward to our time together. It's always filled
with lots of laughs, good for the soul.

We went time tasting in Livermore, I have never been. It was pretty and the wines were really good. It was a great time. I'd also like to give a big thank you to Keith for holding it down at home so I can enjoy my friends for a day! He's the best.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hugs and Kisses

Quincy gives the BEST hugs, tight squeezes. I love them. He does it when HE wants too which makes it all the more better when I get one. Past few days Miles is his object of affection and it cracks me up because Miles doesn't always WANT a hug, but he's gonna get one lol. Miles has learned to give kisses, such a sweet love bug. He gives them on demand and I can't stop asking. I love these hugs and snuggles.

Big Brother..

Darrian is a really sweet big brother. He has his moments, but overall he really loves his brothers. I love seeing them interact. I can't wait till they learn to say his name, he keeps trying to get them to say his name.
He makes them laugh, and plays with them. The other day I put Quincy in ninja costume I was given. Darrian LOVED it. He plays dress up all the time and he was so happy that Ninja Quincy was ready to play. I should put Miles in the firefighter costume next time. Darrian was making goofy faces with Miles and he was laughing so hard. They love their big brother, do do I <3

Monday, March 19, 2012

Winter days..

So winter finally rolled into town. I won't complain, not because I don't want to, but because every time I start someone reminds me that it's been a seasonally easy winter. Whatever. I was so excited to see the sun by the weekend I bundled the kids up and rushed outside. Who cares that it was barely 50 degrees out and wind gust up to 20 mph. When life hands you lemons people.. Or windy days with no rain, you fly a kite.

We survived a week of rain, a little wind wouldn't stop us. Natalie also visited us this week, met the twins for the first time. It was short and chaotic but I'm glad it happened. St. Patty's day came and went, we didn't celebrate really. Darrian celebrated at school, and I shared a Guinness and nail polish painting with my girlfriends that night.

Sunday was church. I am really enjoying church again. It's been awhile. It's quiet time, and my church is so welcoming. Don't worry I won't be turning into my Mom anytime soon, just kidding. Sunday though they talked about how religion divides people so often, when at the end of the day all religion base is about love. Without it there is no belief system, and at the end of the day we all bleed the same. Anyways all good stuff.

A pretty good week despite a time change and rain. There I said it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One of our favorite places

We spend a lot of time at the airport. It has a fenced in play area for kids, to ride their bike, draw with chalk, have lunch all while watching the planes come and go. Since it is fenced in I like going there with all three kids, and the boys love it. We met friends there this weekend, and enjoyed out time.

15 months old

My babies turned 15 months old this weekend. I can't believe that. They fill my heart in ways I never imagined, they taught me how the heart can grow. How love really is expandable and endless. They make us laugh, and I get so fulfilled in watching them interact with each other, with our family. This is a fun age, and I'm relishing in its joys. Darrian gave me the best title I've ever had, Mom.. and these two complete me.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Last weekend

We had a great weekend last weekend, weather was perfect and company was perfect too.
I woke up Saturday wanting to get the kids out for a while, and I've been missing Chris Julie and the girls. So a few simple text later a plan was in place. I took the three boys to their godparents house for the day. I've missed them. It took me 3 hours to get everyone bathed, dressed, fed breakfast, packed in the car, with snacks. It was all worth it. Darrian loves playing with Lily and wanted to stay the night, Ivy was a trooper and was great with the kids too. Miles and Quincy had fun chasing animals, bouncing on the trampoline, and playing outside (and trying to eat everything off the ground).

I came home and put the kids to bed. They were exhausted. Keith got the whole day to himself. That night Devyn took me out for my birthday dinner and we went to San Rafael to a popular Puerto Rican place. I've missed her and it was good to catch up.

Sunday was filled with church, playing outside, and making a teepee for the boys. Darrian loved it.

This weekend seems Lowkey, hope you have a great one!

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