Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Future Firefighter maybe?

I need to upload some pictures from the weekend, but have not had the chance yet. I threw surprise birthday party for my friend Kelly, and Mom came over for dinner Friday night and she bought D the gift he loves most a little tikes coupe, Sunday she bought the biggest steaks and we bbq'd-- it was a good weekend.

These pictures are from when it was REALLY HOT out. D had fun playing with the water. Manning the hose.

Bouncy Baby

Darrian loves to jump. Especially in his bed, or on ours. I snagged the camera the other day to try and get some pictures. He is such a ball of fun.

*he can get quite a bit of air under him*

*peek-a-boo* :)

*singing away*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Memory to make note of...

Sometimes I wish everything I write here did not send out emails, because really not EVERYTHING I put here is THAT interesting. But there is no real on and off for each post switch, and I know most of you hear about what is going on in our life via the emails... and not from checking on the blog. I do want to make note of certain things Darrian is doing, that are cute, funny, or how he is growing. I use this blog in a lot of ways to remember certain milestones or small funnies I forget over time. This is one.

Darrian now goes to bed at 8pm, wakes up between 7 am- 8 am. He is like his Mommy in the way that he isn't a morning person, or a person who likes people right in his face when he wakes up. LOL. So he will wake up from his nap, and talk to his stuffed animals for a bit.. sing a song. When he is ready to get up he will call for you. Usually not by name but by saying "Done, DONE, DONE". till you come. When we open the door we find him standing arms flung open saying, done, then hello "Heywo" , then usually a few bounces in his crib. On the floor we notice he has "freed" his animals, blanket, pillow before saying he was ready to get out. I guess he knows he is leaving the crib, wants to make sure they have free time too by throwing them all over the railing first.

When it is time to go to bed "nigh-nigh" he will wave by to Daddy, say good-bye, and head down the hall to his room. He then picks all his stuffed animals off the floor and puts them BACK in the crib. He will not sleep without his blanket, he throws that back in as well. A kiss. A prayer. and then he is asleep.

They picked my picture!!

You guys heard me mention Me Ra Koh blog, the one that had the class that comes to SF and my friend Kelly nominated me for. I read their blog faithfully and Kelly mentioned how she was going to submit a photo for a dream contest.

Here is the concept of the contest...

When I saw it I thought of the picture that I took of Sofia in SF, and on a whim I submitted it.. and they PICKED IT!! I don't win anything.. BUT even having these professional photographers, who I admire, who have gotten so many submissions for their contest pick my picture really makes me feel good.

Here is the picture:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trying on some new shoes.

A video of D trying on Daddy's shoes :)

Let's Play Ball..

Darrian got this Tball a while ago, and we just took it out in Dec. I tried to show him a few times how it worked and he really was not interested. Then a few weeks ago we went over to our friend's house Kelly and Greyson's house and Greyson tried to show him how to use his, Darrian seemed more interested in other things.

Well Keith called me yesterday and asked if I had shown him how to use the Tball set. I told him the above, and he said well he must remembered because he got out the set, and a ball and started swinging like he had done it before. Keith was good enough to catch it on video.

If you can't see this go to :

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great weekend, and Easter. We went to church on Sunday, and then came home and had an Easter Egg hunt, played outside and I made dinner. It was relaxing and fun. Even though Darrian did not "get" it all the way, he was steps closer than he was last year. He did enjoy the treats.

On the hunt:
(outfit provided by Grandma)

He would open each egg as he found them, made for long hunting :)

Our Basket for Darrian:

Grandma's, she also got him tickets to go see Elmo (Mel-mo if you ask him) Live :)

On his firetruck (grandma got him for Christmas, sensing a theme here?)

Daddy and Darrian drawing with chalk

Hanging out with his kitty at the end of the night.

Ivy Turn SIX!

Where does time go? I can't believe little Ivy is 6 years old. Hard to think it was not just yesterday that she was D's age. We celebrated with a Bolt party requested by the birthday girl herself on the 5th. Julie did a great job with the theme, and kept it really girl like and fun, which looking at the DVD cover looked like it would be hard to do. Lots of family came to celebrate this special girl's big day. Including Chris's sister Dawn who lives in NC, has has not been out this way in um 9 years ! (again where does time go)..

Her daughter Megan got to meet her other Cousin's for the first time, and in true child fashion you would think they knew each other forever.
Darrian had a great time playing with Julie's friend's little boy who was a year older, and taking his first drink of wine. It was left on the train table and my little one swiped it. I was really hoping he would wait to his first communion until he tasted wine, he had other plans. He also was very interested in Lily and gave her a kiss on the forehead. I love that he knows to be lovey with a baby, especially one as cute as Lily. He did pretty well with little nap, and was wiped out by the end of the day.

Here are some pictures :

Human treats in Doggy bowls. cute!

Julie made these, I thought they looked professional, love the colors.

Ms. Lily:

Birthday Girl :

Brother and Sister :

Ms. Malia

Cutest boy ever? I think so ;)

Pinata time..

Face painting :

D minus his shirt since it had wine all down the front, playing at the train table.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sometimes it does feel good to just be nominated...

I am having a ruff week, or month. I am trying not to dwell on bad things, and let them take over my whole year, not going to give it power basically. However I can't help sometimes feel like it is one thing after another for some time now, if it isn't things I am going through then our family, friends.

All that said. I remember my Dad saying if a person had one great friend in life I was blessed, I feel like I have been blessed with SO many wonderful friends. Many of whom I consider family. They are my core. When having Darrian I wanted to join a Mom's group so I could provide him with friends to play with, play dates. I have said this before but it has turned into such a wonderful outlet for me. To have someone who gets the greatness and the hard parts of being a parent, who is trying to figure it out at the same time as I am, provided to be amazing. Out of a group of many, I have really connected with a few and become way more than just "Mom" friends.

One of my friends Kelly, who is a amazing person for so many reason's is someone that I have been very thankful for meeting. We both love photography, and she launched her own business last year. We follow the same photography blogs, and one of them is holding a class in the bay area this summer. The price of the class is $1200.00 (YIKES), they are giving away some spots for it. I was surprised to look yesterday and see my name there, and that Kelly nominated me as a person to get the spot. I know it isn't possible, because there is so much GREAT ladies who are listed (Kelly included). However the words and the fact she took the time to write them meant a lot to me. Also proved my point that I am very blessed by the company I keep.

on 31 Mar 2009 at 2:22 pm Kelly

I would like to nominate my wonderful friend Michelle. She isn’t a professional photographer, but she has more passion for photography than almost any other person I know.
Like many of the women nominated, she has endured her fair share of hardships. However, I don’t want to focus on the negative, nor do I want to post her personal business. Instead, I would like to focus on why she deserves to be chosen.
Michelle entered my life at a time when I really needed her. I was losing connections with old friends, due to becoming a mother. Due to growing up. Right away I knew that Michelle was going to be someone special in my life. She is a wonderful mother to her almost 2 year old son. She works outside the home but fills their evenings and weekends with outings and special time together. She is a loyal and dedicated friend. The type would send you a “permission to be a b*tch” card when you’re having a rough week.
She is selfless and smart. Her empathy is one of her traits that I admire most. She knows when to just listen and say that she understands instead of trying to fix whatever problem you are venting about at the moment.
She was instrumental in me starting my own photography business. She encouraged me and helped me through every step of my journey.
Words are not enough to express how thankful I am to have a woman like Michelle as my friend.

Here is a link to the contest, the blog, and the other ladies.
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