Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love is a Movement: The Cora Project

Before having Darrian the story of a child's death was so sad to me. Now it rocks me to the core, leaves me thankful for what I have, and so sad for those who have lost. I know that the love Darrian has given me, us, filled our life with.. is something I NEVER want to go without it. Ever. I stumbled on this from one of my favorite sites Such a sad story of a lovely 10 month old who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and then passed away 3 weeks after.

They are trying to build a playground in her name, also some stores on ETSY giving funds to the project. Anything small I can do, and maybe you too.

The story :
The families personal blog where you can show support :

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend..

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend..

I try not to live for the weekends, I would miss so much time in between. Although that said it is really hard not to because they are so much more fun than any weekday I know. This weekend we did not do anything too exciting. Darrian and I played at the park for a couple hours on Saturday, then I cleaned and ran some errands. We tried to make the most of our time outside before the rain started. Sunday nothing exciting. Niki came by and we went to a few places and hung out, that was really nice.. I love catching up. We went by the fabric store to look for some ideas for Darrian's birthday party. Yes I know it is in Sept., but the planning is in full swing. What I love about Niki is I told her this, and she barely blinks an eye... she knows me all too well. She even just jumps right in giving ideas and thoughts. ;)

I have a few pictures, I need to upload them... but when I get home sitting in front of the computer is too hard to do. I will get to them though, soon I hope.

I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking of my friends who are being laid off from work, this economy is so hard. I know how hard it is to worry, I have been there but I think both times it ended up better than before. I think you have to remain focused and positive, and hopeful. I am thinking of you all, and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Since I have not done one in a while.. a quote. Happy fat Tuesday everyone!!
Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Um Happy Valentine's Day..

Um Happy Valentine's Day..

I took these pictures FOREVER ago (well not really about a month now) and I was waiting to post them right before Vday, and then... I forgot. I had a 4 day weekend last week, we had Monday off at my job and I took friday to stretch it out a bit. We had a wonderful weekend for the most part. Friday we had a playdate with friends, then some running around to do. Saturday I cooked dinner for us at home a romantic one at home. Sunday Darrian got sick. Monday he was better and Tuesday I got sick. It was a tummy bug going around. No fun. But we did not let it spoil our weekend. I leave you with some cute Picutres for a belated Happy Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby D's got some hops..

if you can't see this go to

Baby D and his HYPE man. :)

Baby D and his HYPE man. :)

if you can't see the video go to

Birthday parties and sleep over's ..

Birthday parties and sleep over's ..

This weekend had lots of celebrations, and fun. Friday night Niki took me out for my birthday. It was nice to chat and talk, I have missed chatting with her like that and it was fun. Saturday morning we went to a bday party for one of D's friends at Superfranks. It was a lot of fun, and D loved it. They had a bounce house too and he loved that, his first time in one. After the party we went home to get ready to vist Julie, Ivy and Lily. We were all suppose to stay the night, but then Chris ended up being out of town so just Darrian and I went over to stay. It was lots of fun. I FINALLLLYYYY got Lily to like me. Geesh, just 8 months later! Darrian did good, he loves how un-babyproofed everything is. Ivy and him played really well together which was really fun and cute. Sunday we went to a cute children's museum, that had a mini- grocery store, police cars, firetruck, and lots of hands on things. It was fun, I think that D was a bit tired since it was nap time but still enjoyed it. Then back home to grocery shop and get ready for another week :)

Birthday Girl. :)

Where was D most of the party .. in the car of course!

weee oh weee oh .. sirens and all.

Isn't she the cutest!!

I am back, a year older.

I am back, a year older.

Last week I celebrated my 29th birthday. Pretty low-key. I went to work and Mom made my day by coming to have lunch with me and bringing D along for the ride. It was so nice to have that during the workday. Got home and K made dinner for me, per my request I did not want to go out. He got me a cake, a very sweet card. It was very nice. Both him and my Mom are chipping in on some classes for me to take in Spring for Photography. I am looking forward to that. No birthday candle to blow out this year, but lots of wishing. We are in a place where I really need things to fall into place so everything can go smoothly.... lots of prayers and wishes for just that. Everything to fall into place. Last year was so very stressful every step of the way, this year I am really trying to put my faith in things, pray a lot, relax a bit. My mission is to enjoy my last year in my 20's. Not sure how just yet... stay tuned I suppose.

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