Friday, August 30, 2013

A lot happens in 3 months

Time goes so quickly. Quicker than I ever imagined it would. Everyone tells you when you have kids that time really takes off, you really can't wrap your head around how much it does till it happens. 

Darrian "graduated" kindergarten, and this week started first grade. All day class, the whole campus for him to get used to. He's doing great so far though. Just 2 weeks till he turns 6 year old. More than 1/2 way to 10, that just boggles my mind. 

Quincy and Miles are quickly rolling towards 3! My twins are almost 3!! How did this happen ?! They are a lot of fun, and seeing Darrian with them melts my heart. They have very different taste and likes. They also adore each other too. They know they are partners in crime last night Miles had a diaper rash and I decided to give him a warm bath. He was in some pain and Quincy was so concerned. Walking with him, rubbing his back. It's really sweet to see so much compassion between 2 year olds. After Miles got out of the bath he said so sweetly "thank you incee". I get to live these moments a million times a day and I am so thankful for that. 

We have swam all summer long, all the boys love the water. Darrian still swims really good, actually this year he mastered diving an swimming in the 8 ft. side. The twins with their life vest are independent and all over the pool. 

Our niece Chloe and Keith's sister have been visiting for the summer. They leave next week. It's been fun seeing the kids together. 

I'll do some photo dumps of our adventure. Hope you all had a great summer :) 
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