Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving Week
(super long post because it's been awhile)

Well Thanksgiving came and flew this year, now we are gearing up for Christmas. It was really nice because we had the week off of work. For the most part the beginning of the week was spent running around getting things ready for Thanksgiving. We had to get an air mattress, toes painted, turkey groceries, and oil for the fryer...and many many other things. By Tuesday night we were ready. I went to get Natalie from the airport Tuesday night and we just came back home and watched TV. We didn't get back till after 12am. Wednesday I got up at 6am and went to pick up our nephew Jason and his girlfriend from the airport, they got there at 7am. We spent the rest of the day running around doing getting final things for turkey day. That evening Natalie went out with Conrad and I went to go get Keith's sister from San Francisco Airport. Joselyn and Jason rode along with me and we didn't get back until after 12 am almost 1. Me, Natalie, Conrad watched some TV before going to be around 3am.

Turkey Day came and the cooking began, everything turned out really really nice. Keith did a wonderful job frying the turkey, and everyone was very full by the end of it all. Natalie, Keith, Jason, Joscelyn and I had a chocolate party that night we were going to use the chocolate fountain but after some complications the chocolate fountain became more of a fondue pot! Natalie and I tried to bring it back to life in the ER (sink) but it wasn't going to make it. Niki came over because we were going to go shopping on black Friday at 4am. We got to bed around 1ish and then got up at 4 and we were out the door by 4:30 am.

We were official "door busters" and we did pretty good at the stores we went to. Niki was took on the title of "parking lot buster" because she wasn't about to let anyone get a spot from her!! We hit up Starbucks (twice) and then went home to rest. It was fun just sitting around laughing like we do.

Everyone else was slow to get up so decided to take Bart into the city. Niki and Natalie's Mom and Joe joined us, we shopped some more. Then Keith, Jason and Joselyn joined us and we went to get something to eat. After eating we went back to the square where the tree was all light up and took some pictures. Niki, her mom, and Joe left to head home and the rest of us shopped some more at Nikitown and Levi's. We went back to the house and crashed.
Saturday we got up and all headed to Berkeley to shop and have lunch. We had a really good time walking around and looking at all the Berkeley stuff! We then went back to house and got ready to go to SF where were went to see a comedy show, it was very funny. We had a good time laughing, but on the way home we were all so tired we had a hard time staying awake.

Sunday Keith and I took Natalie to breakfast before we took her to her Mom's house so she could take her to the airport. I went on a Christmas Train with my Mom,Julie, Chris, the kids, and several others. The train wasn't the greatest in my opinion, but it was fun to visit and the kids loved it. Thank gosh Julie brought a blanket to share because it was COLD!

Monday Keith took Jason and Joselyn to see a movie, and we all went to dinner before they had to go back to the airport. It was a busy week but I still feel like I relaxed a lot, and that we got a lot in too. Now we just have to get the tree and get ready for Christmas!

Tell me Chris doesn't look thrilled! (Mom, Lynda, Chris on train)

Bill Belamy after the comedy show.
Lights on the outside of the train!

Natalie and Conrad outside Cobb's Comedy (all grown up)
Jason and Joselyn all dressed up for the comedy show!
Macy's in Union Square all decorated for Christmas!

Jason and Joselyn in front of the Christmas tree at Union Square.

The Madness in SF the day after Christmas!
Mentos the Fresh maker!
Natalie and Sandi (her mom)
Union Square Tree
Me and Natalie in SF!

Our Door Buster Damage!

Natalie double fisting it at 6 am!
Niki really excited to be a Door Buster!
More damage!
Niki and Natalie take a liking to penguins! (macy's sf)

Keith flexing his muscles getting the Turkey out of the fryer.

Natalie and I later at our chocolate party!
What Mervyns looked like at 5am
Natalie's all about a chocolate party!
Table setting for Thanksgiving dinner

Keith rocking his apron!
Devyn Carving up the Ham!
Me and Natalie Day one!
Keith pops his colar with perfection!
Yes it is true!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas Came Early.. and now time for turkey!
Well Keith was one of the "lucky" ones. He got two PS3's, he plans on keeping one and selling one but we will see. He wants to see how much he can get because they are going for so much of EBAY. If nothing else he should break even, but we will see.
I am going to be on vacation for a week!! So I will not be back on here before the holiday. We want to wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday! Eat lots of Turkey! Shop after the Holiday! We will update you on how ours went when I post on the 27th!
Have a wonderful one...Love The Thornton's!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What would you do for a Christmas Gift?
Keith has wanted a PS3 for over a year now. I remember when they released the first model at the gamers convention two years ago, he couldn't wait for it to come out. This year he knew it was going to be coming out and was super excited to get one. Well, Sony decided to release only 400,000 units in the US this Friday sparking a crazy frenzy of people getting in line to get one. Some pre-orders on EBAY are going for as much as $2500.00 per console. The Sony store in SF (picture shown here) has a line 3 city blocks long! They are getting the most consoles on the west coast at 500.
Keith decided that he would camp out, stand in long lines to get one. He couldn't stand out more than one day and was hoping the lines would stay tame till then. Stores in the area started having lines on Tuesday much to our dismay. Keith had taken today and Friday as a vacation day to camp out. He called around to many stores and Best buy in Dublin was not allowing people to line up more than 24 hrs. in advance, so no sooner than 8am this morning. Keith wanted to get two, one to keep and one to sell if possible. The stores are only allowing one per person so he enlisted the help of my brother (yea you read that right). So they got to Best buy at 4 am this morning just in case. By 8 am there were 100 people there. The manager told everyone to make one line along a wall, and people RAN to get in line. The manager had told them that he only would be getting 40 consoles. Keith and my brother are number 25/26. They take their names down and take roll call every hour and 1/2 to make sure the same people are in line, you miss a roll call you miss your chance. In between roll calls is your chance to get something to eat, go the bathroom and such. Sony is releasing two types of games, one is a 60 gb and one is a 20 gb. Keith wanted the 60 gb one. Each store got a min. of twenty of the 60 gb, and 6 of the 20 gb. So they are not sure what the 40 mix is. I am hoping and praying it is at least a 30/10 split they won't know until later tonight when the manager gets them and counts them.
Tomorrow morning if all goes well (crossing some fingers and toes) tickets will be handed out and doors open at 8 am for purchase. I am hoping Christmas comes early for Keith...maybe you can send some well wishes to him too!

Monday, November 13, 2006

A lazy weekend FINALLY!

Keith and I had a really good weekend. We didn't do much of anything and that was the nice part. I have so many appts. and weddings on the weekend so it is not often I get to stay in bed late and really have NO place I have to be! It was really nice and a long time coming. I made sure to not book any appts. this weekend just so I could do just that--anything I want. I had only planned one thing and that was to cook a fancy dinner for Keith on Saturday night. Friday night we did nothing but watch TV and hang around the house. Saturday we went to see Dad and I grocery shopped for that night. Then we came home and Keith stayed in the room while I put together the four course meal. I had printed menu cards, made centerpieces, and planned the menu to a T. Everything turned out really well, but dessert was just okay, I don't think I will make that again. Keith said it was my best yet and was very impressed by the effort. It was a very nice romantic dinner at home.

Sunday we just laid around and watched football (niners won yay!), and then I went to dinner with my friends Sofia and Nicole. It was a good weekend!

Here are some pictures of dinner on Saturday.
Second Course:Spring mix Salad with hearts of palm, pine nuts, and raspberry vinaigrette

First Course: Pear and Blue Cheese Tartlets
Fourth Course Ricotta Cappuccino with chocolate sauce, biscotti crumbles Main Course, Roasted Chicken Breast with Dijon Cream Sauce, Baked Fennel with Parmesan Cheese, and Rosemary potatoes
Place setting with menu cards
Menu Cards with monogram on top..


Friday, November 10, 2006

Gerald Levert
Keith called me today to tell me that Gerald Levert had passed away. I was really sad to hear that, both Keith and I really enjoy his music and own most of his albums. I first started loving him in High School when he was in the group 'LSG' (Levert, Sweat, Gill). I slowly began listening to his music from before that time, and then bought solo albums of him after. Below are some of my favorite lyrics, they are from his song "Mr. Too Damn Good for You". Keith and I will miss his music, and his soulful powerful voice.
"Wanna be the smile on your face And be your stars and your moon I wanna be your sunny day Can I be your favorite tune I wanna be your breakfast in bed And baby I’ll be your fool Mr. Too Damn Good to you "

Monday, November 06, 2006

"....'Cause nothin' lasts forever,Even cold November rain.."

It rained last week in the bay area, to mark the beginning of November. Keith likes the rain, I wish it away. I guess because I hate going out in it, and I pretend like it isn't in my way as I try to go about my normal life. I think I am in denial, winter is coming.

Luckily the rain Gods were on our side this week, because even if it did rain on Thursday and Friday morning, the sun pushed it's way out Friday early afternoon and stayed all the way through the weekend.

Friday I had a wedding in Calistoga at Hans Fahden Winery so I left late afternoon, and the wedding was perfect! It was wonderful to be in the Napa region this time of year. It is SO pretty and breathtaking, I of course took pictures. The guest dine in a cave which is really neat, and they don't see it coming until the big reveal time. Keith and I may try and go up again one of these next couple of weekends and enjoy more of the lovely Napa Valley before fall goes away.
Saturday Keith and I .....did a wedding together...yup you read it right! I hired a new assistant my husband. The Thornton's the duo coordinator team. It was not set to happen that way but since my other assistants were busy or have other jobs, and I needed help he offered to step up! I think he was a little leery at was I, it was something we had never done together. It was fun. It was in San Francisco at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel and St. Ignacias Church. He did a wonderful job helping me set out all the 170 favors, menu's, escort cards...and checking on things throughout the night for me. The groom even asked if he could go into the men's bathroom to check to see if a guest was passed out in there, something I would not have been able to do without him there ;). I think the hardest part for him was not being able to dance. Anyone who knows Keith knows once he has a chance to dance he can't pass it up, and he REALLY wanted to dance. I kept telling him that was for the guest, so there was a vendor room in another area where you could still hear the music so he (we) danced in there for a song or two..hahaha. It was especially nice to be able to spend the day together. If he had not have helped me I would have had two wedding back to back, and two days where we wouldn't have been able to see each other. He was saying that was his last one but by Sunday he was asking when the next one was. We will see if this turns into a habit! We even got a large tip for all our hard work so it paid off!
Sunday I went to the niner game with a friend, we had a fun time. I did especially because a) my niners won, b) Joe Montana was the honored guest along with many other "greats". I heart Joe Montana, but you all knew that! I also got to meet Rodger Craig!!! When we were leaving he was pulling out in his SUV and stopped to shake hands and say hello! That was exciting but I was not able to get a picture in time...ugh.. I was going to ask but didn't want to seem too much like a stalker. :) When I got home Keith and I finished off the weekend with a dinner with Justin and his new fiance was a nice dinner (congrats to them both). Keith is looking forward to being a guest at a wedding he can actually dance at!!
Pictures from the weekend:

Napa Valley....
The lovely fall colors in St. Helena

The lovely pond that the couple got married in front of at Hans Fahden.

The cave set for dinner, sorry blurry it was from my camera phone
A lovely road on the way to Hans fahden (in St. Helena)
Robert Mondavi Winery
Entrance to Hans Fahden
The ninnerrrsss... pictures from out seats on Sunday.

The wedding on Saturday table set up. Keith helped set the little bags you see, the menus in the napkins, and the table numbers. (taken with camera phone sorry blurry)
A room view.
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