Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How we have been spending our summer..

In the water.. lots of it. We are trying to swim on the weekends, a couple times a week. Darrian loves it, we love it, and it's free. Such a win win all the way around. I was able to snap some pics the other day when we were swimming. My little swimmer is so cute! He has no fear of the water, however he does not like bugs in the water :), and he can swim for hours.

Daddy took these on his camera phone last night.. D with the goggles :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

A happy birthday party...

Saturday we celebrated with Darrian's two friends C and J as they celebrated their 3rd birthday. Often times when I go to a birthday party for Darrian I get all frazzled and leave swearing I could never in my life run a daycare center. Something about a bunch for 2-4 year olds all in one place makes me antsy. :) I have to say this was the most relaxed party I have ever been too. I was able to chat with my friends, and Darrian enjoyed the ride on toys and water table. There was more than one ride on toy so I didn't have to worry about him fighting over one with all the kids there. It was a great time . Darrian had a LOT of fun, and so did I. Here are some pictures from the party.
D coloring on the firetruck they had set out for the kids, each with a picture of the kid driving it.. so cute.

Birthday boys blowing out the candles.

D played in the water table and got soaked... hence the lack of shirt.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A little catch up..

No pictures this post, I have to upload some new ones. I thought I would just write :). Darrian and I went on a mommy-son date this weekend and I took him to see Toy Story 3. I loved Toy Story when I was younger, and I was really excited for him to see it. It was his first time in a theatre and he did really good. He got a little antsy towards the end and wanted to switch seats which was no big deal. He talks so much it is fun to have conversations with him.

We also went swimming again this weekend and I was putting his swim diaper on and it had Nemo on the front of it. He was asking me what it was, and I told him it was a fish. He said "no Mommy that's Nemo a clown fish!" . I have no idea where he learned that. He saw the movie once?
He is also REALLY into imaginative play. When he gets up first question is "Wanna play? Wanna play" , he won't give up and will go get a bunch of cars or trains and assign you to one. He also re-assigns as he wants :), then you have conversations with the cars or trains and talk about your day. Sometimes he will just spend time on his own, on his belly having these conversations with his cars or trains. It is really fun to watch.
He loves to swim, we just put floaters on him and he goes. He will swim around in the deep end, and shallow. I am right behind him, but he shows no fear. We will be getting him classes soon.
Yesterday he wanted me to read him a book Auntie Dev got him. As I was getting ready to read it, I heard him spelling out the letters on the front F-A-L-L, then he goes "One L, Two L". He is really into counting, his letters, and his numbers. He can count up to 30 on a good day. :) Most days it is 20. He also has his colors down, and likes to point those out.

In a few weeks I will be taking him to Florida to meet my friend Niki and her family. I am very excited. I am taking him to Disney world (cross it off my bucket list) and I hope he enjoys it.

Lots of other things going on, I will update soon. I hope to post pictures this week.

Hope your all enjoying your Summer!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lily turns 2!!

I can't believe it has been two year since Lily graced us with her presence, she has been such a fun addition to her family and so fun to watch grow. We went over to celebrate her 2nd birthday, and really had a good day. It was nice to sit around and catch up and watch the kids play. I did not get a ton of pictures that day but I captured a few of the water fight that took place. It was a lot of fun, and we wish Lily a very happy 2nd birthday!! time is flying by.

Keith started by showing Lily how to make the water go even further.

She is a fast learner :)

First year of Preschool Complete

Yikes, time is flying by. I have lots to update but haven't had time to do it. It's been almost a month since my last update. I promise I will get better. More updates coming ....

First let's start with a big one! Darrian finished his first year of preschool! I think it was great for him, and he learned a lot. I really think he enjoyed the time playing and getting some structure. Towards the end of the year we would hear about what happen at school, and get little ideas of his day from him. It was really cute. I think next year will be even better. I can't believe how much he has changed in those few months. The teacher sent him home with some pictures in class throughout the year and there was one taken on his second birthday celebration just after school started, geesh he looked SO young and still such a baby. It is amazing how fast they change.

Keith took a picture of him on the last day of school, I will put it with one from the first day to show the differences.

Back then Darrian was size 2T, and a size 7 shoe. Today D is a 4T (pushing 5T) and a size 9 shoe. In just 9 months, they change so fast!

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