Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saturday Mornings...
Saturday Mornings are my favorite kind of mornings, no work, all play, relaxing. It used to be Keith would ALWAYS wake up before me.. and often after being up an hour by himself would come bug me to get up. My days of sleeping in are a thing of the past at this point, and often Baby D and I are up before Daddy. We go out into the living room and play. He is also a morning person, like his Dad, wanting to play, and cheerful. It just makes Sat. morning that much more favorite ..

Playing with Daddy

Daddy is off making Coffee what will he get into now..
Spotted from across the room, a ball, a new favorite.
Enjoying the view, chewing on the ball..
A cute way he likes to sit, either like the way above or like the one below :)

Off after the ball..
trying to crawl with one hand and hold th ball with the other.
Who am I kidding, any morning with this face is a Favorite..

Strike a Pose..
So as if Baby D crawling was not enough, he likes to stand so much more. He LOVES to pull up on EVERYTHING he can. It makes me nervous because he is wobbly, and really thinks he can stand. Sometimes he will only hold on with one hand, or even worse none... He is obviously a lot more confident about him standing than I am. I wish he would slow down a bit and let us keep up!

Friday, May 23, 2008

A day at the Zoo..

It was trying to be sunny outside, but the fires were preventing that.

The group, notice my child enjoying his stroller, I swear I feed him.

It has been several months since the last time we visited the zoo, Baby D has grown so much since then. He still was not very interested in the animals, mainly just enjoyed being outside and hanging out with some kids his age. I was excited to meet new Mom's, see some old friends, and see the animals. I am looking forward to Baby D actually seeing, and enjoying the animals soon.

Checking out someones toy..
Mason running around..
Trying on a hat..
Joaquin, dressed for the zoo..
Mason taking it all in.. or as his shirt said.. chillen :)

Proof I feed him!
A husband came along with one of the Mom's and was super Dad.

Cooper checking it all out.
J trying on his hat and loving it.

Yea right with all the kids that were there, quiet was not happening!
J enjoying the ride with his feet kicked up..
Mr. Cuteness.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Messy Days...
Since I have been off work for a few days baby D and I have been on the go. Running around, going to a get together.. today we went to Target, the Bank, Kaiser (for me to pick up a prescription), Park to meet up with another Mom Katie, and her super cute daughter Faith.. (I love that name)...back home to eat and then for a short walk with a friend.. back home to rest!
All that and we tried something new, food in the forms of solid puffs and biscuits. WOW, that was MESSY! He enjoyed it. He looked like such a big boy in his highchair!

Baby D the comforter...
Another Mommy snapped this picture, Baby D bugged Cami to the point of crying and then the other's started. Baby D tried to comfort his friend J, and this captured it. So cute.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Little Farm

Today Baby D and I joined some Mommy's and their amazing kids at Little Farm in Tilden Park. A really cute place tucked in the Berkeley hills, Tilden is so pretty just driving through it makes me recenter myself.

Sol planned the trip to get my mind off things. The kids were great, Baby D seemed to interact more, a little too much. We tried for a group picture and he bugged Cami to the point of tears, then tried to make up for it by comforting Joaquin who started crying because everyone else was (except Baby D). Later he grabbed Joaquin's hair, but shared his toys..I hope he grows out of that phase soon. As I was driving away I was thinking.. that was fun.. I should wish I got paid to do that!

Caden and Joaquin with their Mom's

Cameron taking it all in, Baby D really liked her.


Shortly after the picture above, D kept petting Cami and it made her cry.. which made everyone else cry except D. He tried to comfort his friend Joaquin.

Cami and D later.

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