Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunday morning boys

My list is so big this week, I am trying to not let it stress me out. Devyn's shower is Saturday, and I have a ton to do. Luckily her sister-in-law is going to help, and my Mom also offered to help me out. Once it's here I will be excited, just about getting there. I am taking Thursday and Friday off to prepare.

Saturday Auntie Niki took Darrian to see Brave. He liked it once it got to the action scenes.

Sunday I cleaned and organized the garage. The highlight of my day though was watching all three boys play with the bucket of cars, and soaking up their pure boyish selfs. I love being a mama to boys.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

We had a good 4th of the July, except that it was in the middle of the week. That threw me off, and created two Monday's in one week.
We started the day off with the parade in town. I brought the babies at the last minute and they loved it! Miles especially. So fun to watch. Grandma came with, and we met friends there. After we headed to Stockton where Chris and family were gracious enough to host our family for dinner and fireworks. It was a great time!

Summer swim time

When summer comes you will find us at the pool. It's close, it's free, and it's fun.
Darrian is actually swimming this summer ! It makes my heart a little nervous, but he is getting better and better.

Muir Beach

We went to Muir Beach father's day weekend to give Keith a full day off. I packed the car, for about a week. Seriously. Three kids to the beach and I totally over packed. Next time I would take so much less. I picked Muir Beach because they have a creek so the kids can play in that and not the waves and have a good time. The problem is the creek is on the far side of the beach. So three kids, my Mom, and a bus full of supplies hauled across the beach. We has a lot of fun, and by pure randomness Darrian's best friend from preschool showed up with his family and kept Darrian occupied which honestly was heaven sent.

It was a lovely day. We will go back, with much less stuff next time :)
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