Friday, October 26, 2007

How I like to spend my Day...

I am just discovering I have I like to spend a long time trying to get them in my mouth!
I spend time on my tummy practicing how to raise my head up.. I am very good at this now.

Then I like to rest a bit because it takes alot of energy to work my neck muscles..

Time in my swing that Chris and Julie got him...
This is his "WOW, I never knew there were teddy bears up there!"
Long talks with Daddy...

Thinking about my next bottle!
Playing with the mat that Grandma got me...

I really like the pineapple guy, and often try to see if I can get him in my mouth!
so freaking cute!

Please take note of how much weight I am packing on since my newborn pictures which were at 2 weeks old!

What you don't see a lot of in this post is sleeping!! How could I with all these great toys and skills right. This keeps Mommy and Daddy on their toes and makes it hard for them to get things like phone calls and things done!

Mommy and Me day...

Darrian and I had our first Mommy and Me day this week. We went to Babies R Us in Brentwood to look for a Halloween Costume and then to Target to get diapers and stuff.. nothing too exciting but our first day out alone just him and I. He did really good and slept most of the time. I took some pictures before we set out on our trip of my little man. He is wearing his Nike crib botties that Chris and Julie got him, he hasn't been able to wear socks until lately because his ankles were so tiny so this is a big step!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


A couple weeks ago we had the shower re-do for my shower that I missed because I was in the hospital. I ordered these cookies to be given as favors at the shower dessert bar and I wanted to share since they did such a good job. The company is called Cutie Pie Cookies ....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wedding Season 2007

Well wedding season 2007 has come to and end.... what a year it has been. In some ways the most challenging of the 4 yrs. I have done it, and in some ways the best. I managed to do 29 weddings.. running from April to last weekend. Keith did all of them with me except for the last two because he was home with baby, I did all of them pregnant except for the last two. I didn't expect to do the last two, but you know me since I was not pregnant so I felt like I "had to".

The best client and wedding this year was on 10/13/07, Chandra she was so sweet and her wedding was stunning. It was at one of my favorite locations, Hotel Valencia. I will have pictures posted soon.
I think the craziest wedding we did this year was the one we did in Half Moon Bay, such a pretty location at the Ritz Carlton. However the couple and all their New York guest brought a whole different feel to the hotel, I don't think that Keith and I have heard the F word said so many times in one night.
I have some pictures from a couple of the ones we did in Sept., you can use the following links to look at them.
Cecile and Brian, married at the Green Room in SF. This one was a full coordination.
If this link doesn't work, and you want to see the pictures go to and put in De La Cruz Biehs Wedding, and it will come up.
Erin and Justin's Wedding, Erin is a 49er cheerleader! There wedding was fun, they have been together since high school! Look at the CAKE, I have never seen a cake with layers so big...
That is all for weddings for 2007, now onto 2008.... I will post pictures from Chandra's wedding when I have them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Professional Pictures...

We got the professional pictures yesterday! There are 150 of them so this is a small sampling, there are a lot of good ones in the CD but I choose some of my favorites!

I have more pictures to post, this weekend we had a good weekend. Friday we went to dinner with Grandma which was very nice, and Saturday I had my last wedding of the year. Sunday we went to see Chris and Julie and had a really great time. Darrian loved Ju-Ju and her Mom Linda.. and Chris even got a hold in. Ivy was very cute with her new kitty and everything we did with the baby she did with the wrap the kitty in a blanket. :) Too cute.

Today was my due date... although they said I would not have gone past Oct. 4th even if I had made it past the 14th... but for most of the year this was the due date!

You can click on the pictures below to make them bigger..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This was at the end... starts bottom up..

This is his stop Mommy enough pictures...

Please take note of the rapid arm movement in the above picture, he doesn't love to sit still.. :)
thats better and a smile..

One Month Old....

Baby D is one month old... well a little more than one month. He turned one month old on Sunday. It is odd looking back and thinking I wasn't even expecting him to be here yet, and he is already a month old! We have adjusted pretty well if I do say so myself to having baby home (knock on wood)..I do notice the closer we get to his "due" date the more like the baby stories I have heard he becomes. One thing is for sure he loves to eat! He has grown into the newborn diapers now, no longer needing the preemie ones. I have also noticed a couple outfits are too small of him now, mainly for length reasons. He is awake more, alert more and such a joy to watch grow. I remember before he came I worried about adjusting to life with baby since Keith and I have been on our own for 1o years... but it is as if he was here the whole time, this was meant to be... it was meant to be.

Here are some pictures we took at his one month mark.. he is smiling now and after much practice we FINALLY got it on film! You can click on them to make them bigger, we tried not to use flash so some are a little blurry..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

In honor of breast cancer awareness month and Donna who just passed from breast cancer I am posting the above post. One of my favorite designers Coach has come up with the above line in honor of breast cancer awareness month. They have keyrings and phone landyards and 20% of the proceeds go to finding a cure for breast cancer. I have my eye on the key ring in the middle or the heart one.. :).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Donna Thornton

Febuary 4, 1953- October 5, 2007

California, Concord - DONNA KAREN THORNTON, 54, lost her battle with breast cancer on October 5, 2007. A native Memphian, she resided in Concord, CA prior to her passing and was an educator for the Pittsburgh Unified School District in northern California. She is survived by her parents, Laurine and JD Thornton of Memphis; one brother, Michael Thornton; two sisters, Stephanie Coleman of Henderson, NV, and Carmelitha Gibson of Memphis; three children, Cynthia, Daryl and Lauren Ashlei; three grandchildren, Jason, Devan and Darrian; as well as a host of other relatives and long-time, beloved friends. She will be greatly, greatly missed.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

An Update....
So far this has been a big week at the Thornton house. Monday Darrian had his first doctors appointment and is doing great, he now weighs 5 lbs 7 oz. although that was a few days ago and I bet his has packed on more weight since then. He is measuring about 19/20 inches long. He is a good baby (knock on wood), and so very cute. Keith is a wonderful father getting up at all hours to help with feedings and change diapers. After the drs. appt. we took Darrian in to meet Keith's mom for the first time. It was very sweet but also sad because she can't hold him or anything, but she got to see him. The doctors told us Sunday that she only has two to three months to live, although Monday it seems that Donna has choosen that she would prefer to not continue the extra efforts the drs. are making, and they will start the process of stopping those things in two to three days. We are being told after that it is just a matter of time before her battle is done. It is hard, and we are trying to find comfort in the fact that this is her choice no matter how hard it is for those left behind. We know that we will tell Darrian about her when he is old enough to hear stories, and Keith and I can find some comfort in the fact that she did make it to meet him if only for a brief moment.
Wednesday we took Darrian to look for an outfit for pictures he had Thursday. It is hard to find something for someone so small.. all the cloths we have he will grow into but do not fit now. Socks are too big, and all he really has is onsies.. so we went on a hunt. Three stores later we found a couple of cute things at Macys. We didn't get much because he is growing so fast. He attracts a lot of attention of everyone making a comment, I have a fear of them touching him without washed hands... but so far that hasn't happened.
Thursday was Darrian's big photoshoot in San Ramon at the home of Monica Wharton a photographer I had enlisted many months ago. I wrote her from the hospital to tell her that Darrian had come early and could she squeeze us in. She likes to shoot newborns in the first two weeks of life, so they are sleepy and work well. Darrian was a trooper. We were there for over two hours and Monica thought he was so cute, she said she wants to put him on her website. It was fun, and Keith was the perfect assistant making sure Darrian was posed just right, his hair was combed and he was comfortable. Monica got over 100 pictures and they won't be ready for a few weeks... she left the room at one point to go find angel wings so Keith took a few pictures with his iphone which I have posted as a sneak peak below.

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