Thursday, August 31, 2006

...Entertaining the Family...

We have a houseful of guest. We thought when we expanded to 3 bdrms. it would feel so big when guest were here visiting. After all we have put 7 people in our old 700 sq. ft. apt. before. It is bigger because you don't have to step over bodies to get to the kitchen, but boy those rooms fill up fast.
Our nephews are here from LA, they are on Keith's side. They are twins and they are 18 years old. Jason brought his girlfriend of 3 years this time, Joselyn. She was very nice. They were here from Thurs. to Monday, and Devan his brother is here until Sept. 12th. Keith's sister Ashlei is also here, and his mother. They are relocating to the bay area and they are staying with us for two months.
I wanted to make sure that the kids were entertained when they were here. So friday I took them all to berkeley and the to SF to pier 39. Saturday I had a wedding, so Keith took them swimming, cooked, and then took them to the movies. Sunday we took Bart into the city and walked around the Nordstrom Mall at Powell St. Then we made our way to Union Square, where we window shopped and had lunch at the cheesecake factory. After we had lunch we went to Haight district so the boys could look at some shoes. Keith bought a pair (of course), and so did Jason. I have never known Keith to meet a shoe that he liked that he didn't buy.
We then left the city by the bay and went home to swim and bar-b-que. I played board games with the kids until about 1am in the morning, to say the least I was tired the next day. Here are some more pictures of our trip last weekend to the city:

Mr. and Mrs. Thornton 6.7.03
...Why a blog?...
Finally entering the world of a duo. :0). The main purpose of this blog is to post about the what's goings ons in our lives, and to share them with friends and family we may not be able to talk with on a daily basis. It will also be a journal of our lives together as the Mr. and Mrs., I (Michelle) will be doing most of the typing.
...A little about us...
Keith's real name is Daryl Keith Thornton, but he introduced himself to me as Keith. Most of his family calls him Keith, most friends call him Daryl or "Dee". His birthday is 8.8.73 and his sign is a leo, and he really is a leo. He has a passion for music, and calls LA home. He was born in Memphis, TN and moved to LA when he was about 12.
Michelle was born in San Francisco, Ca. I have lived in Concord my entire life, but love to travel. In high school I spent summers in FL, England, and France. I have been many places and I want to go many more. I love the bay area and I am proud to call it home.
We met in 1998, our offical anniversary is July 16, 1998. We moved in together in Sept. of 1998, where we lived in our tiny apt. for 5 years. On Aug. 8th, 2002 Keith's 29th birthday he proposed to Michelle at their apt. over a candle light dinner. The date was set and the planning begain...we married on June 7th, 2003 in San Ramon, Ca. It was a perfect day, Keith has often said if he had to live in one moment for the rest of his life that would be. Shortly after the marriage Michelle started up a wedding coordination business and spends many days and nights planning other bride-to-bes weddings.
We bought our first place, moved in on 5/5/06. Keith is the decorater and he has done a wonderful job. We have been to Puerto Vallarta, Vegas, and Hawaii on our anniversaries. We surprise each other with trips for our birthdays, Keith tends to take the cake when it comes to that. We love to get away for a weekend and go to Napa, Monterey, Pismo Beach or any other place we pick.

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