Friday, May 29, 2009

The end of an Era..

Today the place I worked for 8 years is letting many talented folks go. This actually started a few months ago, and today the last of the last are leaving. I am actually posting this because many of you are on my blog list, and under your work email address. Can you do me a favor and send me a email with your personal email address?

It is , that way I can still send you blog updates as a way to keep in touch.

Monday, May 18, 2009

HOT weekend, but a great one.

(Darrian Laughing his head off at Daddy)

Geesh it was HOT this weekend. The weather is all over the place, jumping from Summer to Winter and back again.

Saturday we went to Sonoma and had a picnic, it was really nice even if it was very hot out. That night I went over to Lisa's house and she helped me get started on the favors for Darrian's birthday party. They turned out SOO cute. Sunday Mom and I ran to the store, and she got ribs for Keith to bbq. We had a bbq and Darrian played out back. It was a really good weekend, and I was able to relax. I have a 4 day work week this week, and a 4 day work week next week. :)

Not to sure about the pasta salad lol.

My boys.. ;)

View from Picnic table.

This is his ewww stinky face. lol.

Cape that Lisa and I made, these are the pincess favors, I am going to make the crown a bit more girly with jewels or something.

Reading a book. ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend !!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday !!

Big week in the Thornton household. Monday we had Darrian's 18 month appointment. It went really well. The Dr. was impressed with the words he knows (more than 50, should be at about 20), that he can jump with both feet off the ground (2 year old skill she said), and with how strong he is. He had to get shots, but bounced back right after. He is a star in my opinion ;).

His weight was 31 lbs.
His height was 35 inches.
90% for both.

We have to get him off bottles, and I think Keith and I are having a hard time with that but we will get him off them soon.

Wednesday we had a pre-school tour for Darrian. I have been looking around for places to put him in come Sept. I have been going back and fourth on weather or not I wanted to start him so soon. Part of me thinks that 3 years of "schooling" before starting Kindergarten is a bit much, but at the same time Darrian is a stay at home child and he really does LOVE interacting with other kids. He actually craves for it. In the Dr.'s office on Monday he saw two older kids in the waiting room and walked right up to them to play. He was really upset when we had to leave to go into the room for the Dr. So after some thought I looked for a program that would only be a couple times a week, a few hours each time.. and was in a classroom setting, but taught through play. We found a pretty great fit, that did not cost a fortune (most places are charging at least $500 a month for what I just described, some more). We went Wednesday morning to meet the teacher, and watch the classroom and Darrian play for a bit. Keith kept saying, " we don't have to leave him today right?", who do you think is having a harder time with this? After Monday's Dr. visit we were not sure how he would do with a short visit and just a tease.
We go in and Darrian runs off to play with the other kids. Pulls himself up on a chair, sits at the table, and then starts playing right along side the others. In 5 minutes he had moved around the room and made some friends. One little girl came up and attached right onto him, holding his hand and showing him things. (this made Keith very proud, and even commented that she was the cutest in the class and how Darrian didn't have to go after her..she came to him. I reminded him that he isn't even 2!!) . We talked with the teacher about putting him in class early since he turns 2 just after the 9/1 cut off. She said the main thing is anxiety issues with younger kids, and based on the visit he did not have that issue. They will watch him for 6 weeks and see how he does.

When we left Darrian did just fine, said good-bye and we were on our way. We plan on signing him up for the Sept. class... I have to say this is hard for me. My baby is getting bigger. I feel like this 1-2 year is harder for me than the 1st one everyone talks about. I know I have to let go, it is good for him to be so outgoing.. but I miss my baby that was so tiny not so long ago. We will get over it though, cause I can tell he is ready for that.

That is our week... now for a relaxing weekend! Enjoy it all.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Niki's 29th Birthday...

Gosh we are getting old. It seems like just yesterday we were turning 9, 12, or 16 ... Niki is my oldest friend (and Natalie) and long ago she crossed the line into family. It was fun getting together with long time friends and celebrating with her as she starts her LAST year in her 20's. We had fun at bowling on Sunday night, and tonight (her actual bday) I am headed over to her Mom's house for pozole and more celebrating.

Here are some pictures from our bowling adventure. I was really not good that night, and it was fun to be in the place Niki and I were on a bowling team so many years ago (think we were 11 or 12). Niki had a high score of 121, not bad. We were both thankful Natalie wasn't there to show us how to really play.

Sister love :)

Birthday Girl gloating I bet.

Nicole and Sofia

Sofia's stance ;)


Backyard fun..

The rain really is crappy, even though I know we need it. It is just hard to entertain Darrian inside the house There was a small break in the rain on Sunday, and I let him go play. He loves being outside. He played on his slide and took Daddy up on a game of soccer.

This is Darrian's "new" Smile. haha

ANNND look who let me FINALLY take a picture, and he looks pretty darn cute if I do say so myself ;)

Darrian's new set of wheels

Grandma got Darrian this cool new ride.. I tried to hide it in the backyard since I was not done putting it together. However Darrian spotted it and went NUTS and had to have it. So in his diaper he ran outside and enjoyed his new ride. Thanks Grandma.

Mr. Helpful

This is another one of those memory post for Darrian. He is really into "helping" right now. He loves to sweep, wipe down tables, carry a bag in from the car, pick up things. It is very cute, and he will even add in a grunt when lifting something "heavy". His favorite thing to do is to sweep. A couple weeks ago Mom was over for a bbq and after we were done eating outside, he went inside, opened the closet door and grabbed out the broom. He then began to sweep up the leaves. It was very cute.

Here are some pictures of him cleaning up after Kelly's party.

Happy Birthday Kelly !!

Katie and I threw a surprise party for Kelly's big 30th birthday! Surprise parties are stressful, especially as you get closer and hoping no one ruins the surprise. We had a good turn out, as she is well loved and everything was great. Darrian stayed up and partied with the ladies a bit, (dancing and all) I think he thought the party was for him . I decided to put him to bed around 9:30 pm , but was not sold if he would sleep since it was kind of loud. However he did. The party ended a little after 12 and it was a good time for everyone I think.

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