Monday, March 31, 2008

My World is Changing..

The newest thing in our world right now is Baby D's ability to sit up on his own a lot better, I don't think he has mastered it on the hardwood yet. He will sit for about 4-5 mins before starting to tip.

However since he is able to sit on his own that opens up a whole new world when we go out. For him and for me... He can not sit in a highchair when we go out to eat, he started that on 3/18. We were at a Chinese food place with my Mom and he started to fuss in his car seat.. so I thought why not try the highchair.. and it worked. Then over the weekend I thought I would try shopping carts since putting the infant carrier makes them top heavy, and at TJ's you can't even fit it in the top, which means no room from groceries. He did great and seemed to enjoy the ride, and being able to look at everything. Then over the weekend I put him in the stroller facing out (see other post) so he could sit up not be so strapped down like the carrier. . I , of course, have been snapping pictures on my phone.

Shopping is fun..

The weekend was a good one. Not super busy, but still lots to do. Friday night I got my haircut, then went to girl's night with my Mom's group. They really are a great bunch of woman, and it is nice to hang out and have a cocktail to unwind on a Friday.

Saturday, Darrian and I stayed in bed till noon because we didn't sleep great overnight. Keith brought me breakfast in bed which was really nice. I finally got up and Darrian and I went out and ran a bunch of errands.. we went to Kinko's, the Nail Shop so I could get a pedicure, Target, and Trader Joe's. He was PERFECT. A lady came up to me while I was getting my pedicure and said she had been watching us, and wanted to tell me that she thought I must have the most perfect baby ever. He was so content just hanging out, smiling with the ladies, and looking around. He didn't fuss, and did great the whole afternoon which was really nice. We capped things off with a swing ride and a walk, before heading home.

Sunday we met Chris, Julie, Jeff, and the girls in Fairfield, the land of the Jelly Belly, to go to Scandia. We dropped the boys and the girl off at Scandia and Julie, Darrian and I went to the Vacaville outlets. Darrian needed some summer shirts, and Julie was shopping for Ivy's big 5 coming up.. it was fun. We spent about two hours and Darrian was REALLY good. We went back to Scandia and took the girls so the boys could go play without kids. We did mini-golf and played in the clubhouse area for kids. It was fun. Although the first two hours of just shopping was a bit more relaxing.

Darrian riding facing forward in his stroller.. so big!

Ivy and Malia..

Darrian and Chris on his first video game ride.. :)

The girls playing Mini Golf..

Darrian couldn't play but he was happy to be outside and cheer the girls on..

Ivy getting it just right..

Malia trying out her skills.

When all else fails.. just throw it in there.

Monday, March 24, 2008

(Darrian and his Godsisters)

A Happy Easter!

We had a GREAT weekend. Friday night I went out with the ladies to Havana's in Walnut Creek. I thought some husband's and children were coming, but plans changed. It was just the ladies... and Baby D. I felt kinda bad bringing Baby D to girls night out, but K had plans. It turned out great and we had a lot of fun. It was so nice to catch up with them, and share some good mojitos! Great way to kick off the weekend.

Easter Sunday we went to church (K included) went to see my Dad, and then BBQ at home with my Mom.

Saturday we went to Chris and Julie's for Easter celebration. It was a BUNCH of fun. Keith never wants to leave their house, he and Chris always find a way to get away and go shopping. (what makes best buy so interesting?) . I had fun playing with my fisheye, watching the girls dye eggs, Baby D interact with everyone, making fun of Julie's cake, watching the boys and girls play dodge ball, freeze tag, watching the girls dance.... it was a lot of fun.

The Sister's Malia and Ivy.

When I think of how quickly time flies. I can still remember Ivy's first bday party... and now she is almost 5! Malia almost 7! I am not sure how it all goes by so fast!

Keith and a pillow fight! It always seems to happen!

Baby D bonding with Chris.

Ivy playing with Baby D.

The um Easter Bunny (or Stitch cake) LOL! Julie tried.

D took a nap and the girls dyed eggs!

The colors..

The eggs plank pallets..

First step in becoming works of art..

Malia hard at work..

Ivy being very detailed!
One work of art!

Uh-Oh time for a mid-dye dance.. Ivy breaking it down!
The aftermath!

And then we eat our work.. the girls peeling the eggs!


Ivy Later enjoying some Easter bunny cake...

Olivia under construction... (Julie may kill me for this)

The one's below are just more fun with my fisheye!
Flowers in bloom..

My Fav dog of their MANY dogs.. Jade.

A Tale of That Crinkle Sound..
(and a semi-mobile baby)

Baby D loves the crinkle sound that you get from playing with plastic bags. He has a couple toys and books that make this sound and he will sit there and Crinkle it for what feels like forever!
I had him on the carpet in our room on Saturday morning. He is becoming more "mobile", he will get up on all four from time to time and rock back and fourth, and he will inch his way to something he wants. As happy as I am that he is developing great, oh I am not ready for crawling!
Here is proof. He manages to find a plastic bag I have near my bed that had some pictures in it. He pulled it to dump the contents and then continued to play with the bag for 20 min. Don't worry I was there to watched him (and take a bunch of pictures).

Him noticing that I am taking pictures of him.

his "STOP or I will eat your camera".
He thought that was pretty funny...

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