Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some pictures from Keith's fam's visit....

Keith's family came into town the other weekend, primarly to visit my mother-in-law and give her support while she goes through treatment for breast cancer. Keith and I had a wedding on Saturday, so they spent most of the time just visting at my mother-in-laws house. On Sunday I took our nephews, my sister-in-law , and Joscelyn (Jason's gfriend) to SF for some tourist stuff.

Here are some pictures from that trip.

Jason got some flowers for Keith's Mom, I took the opportunity to take flowers (love my camera):

We always end up the candy store on pier 39
Devan in San Francisco
Jason and Joscelyn
Fish at the rain forest cafe
Rose at flower sto

The long weekend...

Keith and I had a good long weekend. We had weddings on Friday and Saturday that lasted ALL day both days. The first one was in three different locations, the parents home for the first ceremony, St. Joesph's church for the second, and Mt. Winery in Mountain View for the reception. The next day we had one at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, it was really really nice although the couple and all the guest are New Yorkers with Irish/Scottish background and once the drinks started to take affect I don't think I have ever heard the "f" work used so much in common sentences. The staff at the Ritz were wonderful to work with, and Keith really helped out a lot he did most of the set up of everything. I will try and get pictures soon and share them here.

By Sunday we were pretty beat so we just relaxed at home, crashed really. That evening we bbq'd and then put our new outdoor firebowl to use. I got some pictures that I wanted to share here...

The new patio at night :

Roasting marshmallows

Another look :

Monday I went to Berkeley to meet up with Devyn and have lunch and walk around Telegraph. Then went home just relaxed, it was a nice long weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting Ready for Summer

Summer is coming, and we are getting ready. We decided to decorate our other patio as sort of a lounge area. The area off the living room has the bbq and the patio furniture already, I think I am going to add some pillows to that area. We decided to get a lounge sofa to put on the other side, and a firebowl so we can create a outdoor area to relax and hang out in. Keith also added some new plants, bark, and solar lights, and a wind chime. I am looking forward to sitting out there and reading a book. I am going to try and get pictures together soon ,but until then here are some of the things we have purchased from different places to get the feel going! Everyone will have to come over soon and have smores.
Here is the firebowl we purchased:

Here is the sofa that we got to put out there.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

pictures as promised...
So Keith got me a very nice camera for my bday, and I have been taking lots of pictures with it, but not sharing very many. Here are some I uploaded today. There are a lot here. ....
They cover my bday, Valentines' Day, Natalie's visit, Jana's band , Sofia and band at the bottom of the hill... and much more like st pattys and easter.. I hope to update more often so it won't be so many at once!
Shy baby! We still don't know if we have a boy or a girl on our hands. We had the big ultrasound for about an hour and a half this morning, and the entire time we tried to see what s/he was the baby would turn their back to the camera!! There was no way it was going to give up the answer to what color we should paint the room. At one point the stenographer thought it might be a boy but said he could not say for certain, and it could be the umbilical cord.
Otherwise we got to see the legs, arms, feet. The one thing we do know about this baby is it is active! Keith got to see more than me but both him and the stenographer said the baby was flipping around, kicking, and moving it's arms. When I got to take a peak the baby had it's legs stretched out, and another thing we learned the baby likes to lay on it's tummy which makes it hard to see. The heartbeat was going strong, and everything else looked okay.
We have another follow up appointment in a few weeks where they will take another look, they hope that since the baby will be bigger it will not be able to move as much. We will have to be patient until then. It was fun to get to see so much of the baby.... and watch what it is doing inside of me. The hardest part was drinking 40 oz. of fluid and not being able to go the bathroom!!! That was the hardest part until he said he wanted me to empty out "some". Ever had to go the bathroom really bad, then get to go, have to stop half way through and let someone push on your bladder... not fun!! Hopefully in 3 weeks it will be easier and we will know what color to paint the room!

Monday, May 21, 2007

...In need of comfy shoes...

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday I had a rehearsal and then met up with some friends from Unisource for dinner in Pleasanton. It was nice to get together and talk. Now that I don't drive to Pleasanton every day the drive out there seems like forever, but it really only took about 30 mins.

Saturday we went to go see my Dad in the morning and then I went home to relax before the wedding. I knew it was going to be a long day. I had to get there at 2pm and wouldn't be done until almost 12am. The wedding thankfully was just in Walnut Creek which was nice since I did not have to drive far. The wedding went well, the couple seemed really happy. The groom is a set designer in La and they used fabric left over from the golden globes it was really pretty. There was a lot of set up to be done, and I am thankful Keith was there to help. By 5pm my feet were killing me and the ceremony was just starting. By 8pm my back and legs were cramping. I believe it was my shoes, and I am need of some really comfy shoes. Everyone has told me about these shoes called "crocs" that nurses and professionals who have to stand all day wear. I have seen them but they are not really that "cute" so I never got any. I am going to breakdown and get a pair now for the weddings. Here is a look at the pair I think I will get in black:

Other than that on Sunday I went with Keith's family to SF. It was Jason, Joscelyn, Devan, Ashlei and myself. We walked sound union square, and then went to Pier 39 for lunch. It was nice to get out and spend some time. Keith and I went to take Devan to the airport, it seems like his visit went by so fast. I guess it is because I really didn't see him at all other than Sunday. Hopefully they will be back to visit another time soon! I will post pictures soon I promise!

Tomorrow is our big appointment... I will post on here after any results we have as to if we are having a boy or a girl if we can see.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

....Some favorites....

Last night I had an appointment and Keith came with so we could leave to go to Ikea right after. We were going to pick up more hardwood flooring to put down in what will be the babies room. Keith REALLY wants hardwood in there, I have a fear that the child will never learn to walk because their socks will slip all over the place. However much like the rest of the house I have caved, because in the end Keith usually knows best when it comes to these things.

So we ran to Ikea and got the hardwood and I had to EAT, it was 8:30 and I was starving. We decided to go to Angelina's Kitchen. http:/// . I went here with Sofia and Nicole about two weeks ago, and the food was wonderful !! Although the service was horrible just really slow, really really slow. I brought Keith a slice of Banana bread pudding, which I don't even like but loved the taste of theirs. As soon as he tried it he wanted to go back and get some, he went one evening and got take out. Since we were in the area he wanted to go back again. They have Boudin which is a favorite of Keith's from his days in Louisiana and he was amazed to find a place here that had it. He talked for a while with the owner who said they have been very busy and Keith told him he was sitting on a gold mine... because there is nothing like it around really. It isn't soul food, but just really really good Cajun food. Last night I had the Voo Doo shrimp and sweet tea which is now a new favorite of mine, and Keith had the Shrimp Po' Boy' Sandwich which he kept saying was REALLY good. It was a nice night. I recommend everyone go there and try the food.

But back to baby rooms.. here are some ideas I have about the babies room, actually I am pretty set on them. I know I want chocolate brown and pink or baby blue as the colors and a beige in there too. Here are some crib sets I love!!

This would be for a boys room, but we wouldn't do all the walls just the back wall that the crib would be against. I would also use more chocolate brown in the paint somewhere.

I also like this for a boys room, but I think that it would need some blue so I am not sold on it.

And then for girl rooms... I really love this one, but I don't think we would do the circles cause they look pretty hard, again it would be one back wall, and I think we might do these colors in squares like the first one.

Some others that I like that are pretty neutral I think...

This one is nice, but our living room has similar colors and I don't know if that would be overkill, I think it would be. I do like the circles on the wall and that might be a way to get the circles in on the first one
And we can maybe do the circles like this in the pink and chocolate brown stripes on the wall for the first one, I really like this one too.

A New Adventure ...
This has proven to be a year of change in the Thornton household. First it was a new job, then it was Keith's Mom's diagnosis for breast cancer, then it was a positive pregnancy test!! Well not really in that order the test came before the news about Keith's Mom. We found out how much life would be changing on Feb. 17th, and since then it has been an exciting adventure. Keith and I are happy to be adding to the family, well to be starting one really. At first it was pure shock, and worry but so far things have worked out.
I have told my job, and friends, and now we are just waiting for the little one. Everything (knock on wood) is falling into place or so it seems. I am about 16 weeks along and the estimated due date is 10/23/07.
So far I have had no morning sickness, and feel great. I did have some days where I was very very tired but that has since gone away. I am not showing yet, although we can feel the change in my tummy starting to happen. I am just hoping this child will be as nice to me when it gets into the world.
So far we have done four ultrasounds, heard the babies heartbeat, seen it sucking it's thumb and kicking. We have the BIG ultrasound on May 22nd and we are hoping all is okay when we see the baby then. This is the hardest part of being pregnant is the constant wonder and worry if everything is okay.
Other than that things have been great, I have started wedding season. So far I have done 3, and Keith has been a great big help. I recently celebrated Niki's birthday on Cinco De Mayo and that was a lot of fun.. I keep promising I will upload all the fun pictures from my many outings but I am having a hard time doing so... I will get to it though!
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