Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quincy Isaac

The other day I got to take some pictures of Quincy, not without his brothers in the pictures but still got some solo shots.

Quincy, I call him Mr. gQ. He loves to flirt, sweet smiles, the batting of those big loving eyes, he has it down already. He is a thinker. I tried to get him to show off his great smile, but when the camera went up in front of him he was too busy trying to figure out what it was to smile. I love the way he talks, I love that he predictable, and that he is already aware of his surroundings and what he likes. I love the way he bats his eyes, and when I sing to him he tries to sing along too.

"Hey Miles do you think she's gonna do this picture thing all the time?"
That laugh.. I love it <3>

Friday, March 25, 2011

Miles Jalen..

Yesterday I had some time with Miles to just take pictures, I will get Quincy real soon.

I love the way Miles smiles, his huge gummy happy go lucky smile. He talks a lot already, he is having a full conversation with me. I love the way he humms when he is eating his bottle, and growls when it is gone. I love the way he sighs a deep content sigh when I pick him up to snuggle him. I love the way he snuggles and buries his face in my neck to fall asleep. I can't wait to see him grow, and what he makes of this huge world.

Our Days..

My new schedule has me off work by 2pm, days that I go into SF I get home by 3:15 pm. I was thinking the other day I have not been off work this early ever, the last time I had a schedule that put me home that early was school. I am hoping the schedule last, and the rain goes away so I can enjoy warm days at home in the afternoon. Even now I try to pack in as much as I can.
We go for walks, and fly kites..

We snuggle and play in Darrian's bed..

and when it is all done, we take nice long baths. Well not me but the kids get to :).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Darrian's School Picture

I still can't believe my baby is growing into a little boy, a handsome, precious, very loved, amazing, little boy. We got his school pictures back.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Darrian the big brother

Lots of people ask me how Darrian is as a big brother. I have to say before I had the twins I was SO worried about how Darrian would adjust. I mean one person to share attention with is hard, TWO how would he do with TWO? I have to say from day one he has done amazingly. He really really loves his baby brothers. It melts my heart to hear him talk to them. I know that this doesn't mean they won't fight over toys when the time comes for them to go after his trains, or that they won't fight over who gets to talk on the phone when the girls start calling.... but in the soul of that little three year old is such a caring person.

From day one Darrian has never mixed up who is who. He knew exactly who was Quincy, and who was Miles. He would correct anyone who got them mixed up. I hear him whispering to them when they are crying, don't worry I will take care of you. He wants to help hold the bottle. He will hear them crying and run through the house "oh no, oh no I better get their ..." to try and solve the problem. I try to take him to the store or running around just him and I but he always wants to take his brothers with us. They just eat him up too, and look up to him already. I can't wait to see these relationships grow.
I took a few pictures on my iphone over the past few weeks. Darrian making his brother's laugh.

Quincy was crying so I was making a bottle and I heard the crying stop. When I went back into the room Darrian had given Quincy his blanket to comfort him, and had gotten out his books and was reading Quincy and Miles stories. So very sweet.

He has taken to singing My Little Sunshine to his brothers, so sweet. I got it on video, if you can't see this in the email go to .

We WON!!

Thank you everyone for your votes! I am so happy we actually WON! We get a 12x24 painting of the picture done in true Modern Bird Studios form. Can't wait to see the final product in about 6 weeks. I will post here when I get it.

Here is a post announcing the winner and who the judges were.

Thanks again everyone!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Help us win...

So I entered a contest on Facebook, and I need some help winning :). Lots of you have already voted, but for those who have not go now and help me out. It will only take a couple minutes. I am trying to win a modern painting/picture of the boys to hang on the wall. The competition is thick and right now out of 157 pictures we are pretty neck in neck with two other pictures. I think last check we had second amount of votes, so your vote could help us win. Voting is open till 3/21...

go to Modern Bird Studios and "like" them at the top of the page
Go to photo's (left side)
Go to Photo Contest Spring 2011 and find our picture #40 and click "like" and your done! SERIOUSLY 2 MINUTES!
The picture in the contest is at the top of this post.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Darrian and Lily..

The other weekend we took the family to visit with Chris, Julie and family. Usually Darrian is always chasing after Ivy when he is there, and usually doesn't understand that Ivy is several years older and really doesn't have much interest in playing with a 3 year old. This time things were a bit different, Lily and Darrian played together most of the time. I call Chris my cousin, and in my mind I think of him as family. I was raised calling his Mom my Aunt so it just sort of fell into place. Although the good news is we really are not related, and he has three girls and I have three boys :) I am just saying. I always tell Keith I hope our boys marry good woman from nice families, that would be fun if it were one of the girls. Although I am sure since they will grow up together like Chris and I did, and be close.. it will seem gross and odd since they will seem like family. Can't fault us for dreaming.

2<span class=monthsandvisit (35 of 38)" width="500" height="333">

2<span class=monthsandvisit (30 of 38)" width="333" height="500">

Chris built this very cool playhouse, I had playhouse envy :)

2<span class=monthsandvisit (28 of 38)" width="500" height="333">

And Ms. Lily. Isn't she lovely? Keith and I were talking on the way home at how grown up she is getting (she is only 8 months younger than Darrian), and Keith said "I know she is such a little lady". I think that describes her to the T. Precious.

2<span class=monthsandvisit (26 of 38)" width="500" height="333">

We had a great time. I was talking music with the older girls-- what the what?? I remember when they were D and Lily's age and it doesn't feel that long ago. Quincy fell in love with Julie, and both the boys did really good. The fact that we have 6 kids between us still blows my mind, but I am so glad my boys have them to grow up with.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Two Months

2monthsandvisit (1 of 38)

Eventually I will get better about posting these closer to the actual month marks. Maybe. Quincy and Miles are two months old. In some ways I feel like it has been longer than two months and in other ways I think time is going slow. They both are happy boys, lots of smiles and coo's. I am trying to get us all in a pattern, but I know it won't fall into place for a while. They both see us, and break into smiles. It is the best feeling. I find myself wishing ahead but I am trying to enjoy the time because I know it will go so fast and I can't get it back. They both are working on getting their hands in their mouth, and both tolerate tummy time and the swing ok. Quincy seems to have a little more patience, Miles is a right now kind of personality (no idea where he got that :)).

It is really hard taking a picture of one kid, three is pretty impossible for the perfect shot. These should be more and more interesting as they get older.

2monthsandvisit (24 of 38)

2monthsandvisit (20 of 38)

This one cracks me up..
2monthsandvisit (14 of 38)

2monthsandvisit (11 of 38)

2monthsandvisit (4 of 38)

2monthsandvisit (8 of 38)
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