Monday, August 11, 2008

We are Back!!
We had a wonderful wonderful trip to Mazatlan, Mexico! I think we all wanted to stay a few more days. I am going to upload some pictures, and try to do these in segments so I don't have one post with a MILLION photos. Darrian did great on the trip, on the way down he did not want to sleep, I guess he was excited too. He finally passed out the second leg of the flight. On the way back he slept most of the time, and was really in a good mood. I guess he has the whole flying thing down now. He is a ham, and enjoyed all the "hello's" from people, and lots of people giving him attention. I think he got bored sometimes in the room, and next time I will pack a few more toys. He loved the pool. The adults had a good time too, relaxing and seeing the town. I really enjoy Mexico. We were all in love with the resort which was breathtaking. The room was huge, two rooms, kitchen, two bathrooms, showers, a balcony to look out over the ocean. Perfect. The grounds are amazing.
Some highlights :
*Celebrated Mom's birthday on 8/6
*Celebrated Keith's birthday on 8/8
*The pool
*A romantic dinner ON the beach on Saturday
*A city tour in an open air cab
*Darrian took a few steps on his own three to be exact, but mainly two at a time.
I am going to post in a few different post to follow.. Mom bought a time-share to the resort so I think we will be back. We negotiated an amazing price.. if in Mazatlan check out .


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