Monday, August 11, 2008

Mom's Birthday in Mazatlan..

Wednesday we woke up and sang happy birthday to Mom, gave her our cards, I had gotten us tickets to the fiesta that night for her gift. I also got her a little something else I will post after I have gotten it.. it is still on it's way. So after the cards, we headed down to breakfast and timeshare thingy. It was an hour long you get a free buffet and $350.00 us cash towards your room bill just for going. Mom also got herself a nice deal, and 3 weeks vacation right now to anywhere.. plus the weeks she will gain every year. Darrian was a bit bored after breakfast so him and Dad went to play around the resort and we took him to the beach later. Then we went to the fiesta that night.

A walk around the grounds that Morning. The weather was tropical sort of like Flordia this time of year. Not as hot all days, but overnight it would thunder (I never heard any but Mom and K did), then in the day be pretty ..
Flamingos and black swans from the resort...

A gazebo on the grounds
D playing at breakfast with Daddy..

The beach later..

We surprised Mom with these before the fiesta..
D eating my camera lens, the fiesta was open bar, food, and lots of dancers. A couple of the waiters had Mom and K taking shots of Tequila.

The dancers..

After they had a few fireworks on the beach.. it was a good day. I am going to update the rest of the trip tonight.. if you can't see the pics.


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