Thursday, August 14, 2008

11 Months..
Baby D, my Little Baby D, is 11 months old today. Where did the time go? This morning I went to get him out of his crib and as soon as I opened his door he saw me and said "Hi". It is hard to believe by looking at him he started out so small... He has grown so much.
*He loves Pasta, chicken, turkey, cheese, rice, and fruit.
*Will now stand for several minutes on his own.
*He will take a few steps on his own.
*Loves to walk holding onto just one of your hands.. stopping to get a better grip on your hand if he feels it slip.. as if to say "hold on tighter"
*Waves Hi, and Bye. In the Airport in Mexico, he was standing, saw an exit path, dropped down to his knees gave a "buh bye" and took off crawling. :)
*Finally figured out to make his fingers go over his lips to do the "brr" noise.
*He KNOWS when he isn't suppose to have something, and if you go to get it he gives a giggle and takes off in such a fast fashion the other way. Sometimes he will go down the hall turn the corner to the next room, where he thinks he is safe, and then check out his finding.
*He gives kisses, I especially love it when he does on his own over and over. So sweet.
*He is having a love affair with biting. trying out his 6 teeth.
*He LOVES being social, checking out other kids, smiling at people, he really is pretty outgoing for his age.
*What I take most pride in.. he is a HAPPY HAPPY baby. Laughing, smiling, friendly.
Sometimes I just stare at him. How did we create something so great, and so adorable. I could not have dreamed he would be any cuter, his hair, lips, big brown eyes.. and those cheeks that are too cute not to kiss. We are lucky he is in our life, and that he calls us "Mama" and "Dada".


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