Thursday, July 31, 2008

... Park Time ...

I am trying to take Darrian to the park twice a week, I get home around 6pm and we head right over usually, after we drop Keith off at home. We have a favorite park we go to near our house, it usually not crowded, and they have a HUGE lawn.
Yesterday when we went to the park there was a game of basketball going on. D did not care about crawling or climbing around the play structure but instead just wanted to watch the big boys play, honestly stood there for about 10 mins. watching. Then some little kids came. D loves to watch kids play, and *almost* believes he can move as fast as they can. These two little girls were taken by him, one especially. It was SO cute. She came over and would touch his cheek, talk to him, he LOVED all the attention. She also brought her stuffed puppy over to him. I got a bunch of pictures.


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