Sunday, July 27, 2008

10 months ..

*Still loves to move, crawl, pull up on things, and starting to stand on his own.
*Loves music, and to "Dance"
*Has just started to reach up for someone when he is on the floor and wants up. He does this with such intent it reminds us of an olympian doing their stance after dismount. It cracks us up all the time.
*He recognizes words like Bottle, Hungry, More and knows what they mean.
*Has finally started to say Mama more, after a very long run of DaDa
*loves to play with balls and chase them around the room.
*Says hi
*Loves chicken, turkey, chickenless nuggets, fruit, and ALWAYS wants to try what we are having
*Give kisses when he wants, on his own, in his own very cute way... mouth open and sloppy.
*Still has the best smile I have ever laid eyes on :)


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