Monday, July 14, 2008

Update on ME...
I was realizing the other day, that this blog has morphed into baby d's blog for the most part. Not much about me, or Keith at this point. Not that we have anything as exciting to talk about, or that pictures of us would be nearly as cute :).
However, in the past month I have started a new job. I think that is somewhat exciting. I work in the city now. At first I thought to myself that it may be a bit far to travel, would I last with it. I am pleased to say that I really like it, and the commute is pretty simple. Just get on Bart, and get off. No transferring, and I am able to catch up on my reading and so on. Keith and baby D pick me up from Bart, so it is nice to see them right then, and D is always so excited.
It pays better, better benefits/vacation, and overall is better :). I was happy on my last job until after D came, and then things seem to change. I am just starting to catch up in the rest of life with calls and emails, but I am getting there.
Dad's Memorial is Saturday, and I can't believe it has been a month. I am doing okay. I think to myself a lot about him, and how I (hopefully, and sort of sadly) will eventually live more of my life without him that I did with him. How I hope this is opposite for baby D, and how sad it must be to leave a child at any age behind.
I am also slightly obsessed with planning baby D's first birthday, a location has been narrowed down, time still has to be set, decor is on the way... I can't believe in two short months I will be a Mom of a 1 year old. I sometimes can't even believe I have been blessed enough to be a Mom.
Keith is doing fine, used his GC from Father's Day that my Mom got him to upgrade his Iphone. He is very happy with it and showing me all the features it does. He is looking forward to vacation in Mexico, and so am I , although terrified by the logistics of having to get on a plane at 6 am, yes I did just say 6 am!
that is our update, again hope to see/talk/email all of you soon!


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