Monday, July 14, 2008

Guest Starring Lily ..

Baby D and I went to visit Lily this Sunday, and Malia, Ivy and family. I got to snuggle with her for a long while, and even got to give her a bottle. It is neat how even at this young age you can see a personality come out a bit. She wants to know what is going on, and will stay awake to check it all out. She is very alert. I was able to snag some pictures of her while we were there, she really is a Doll. No surprise since Chris and Julie make lovely little girls.

Baby D did not really seem to know Lily yet, as she gets older she will. He did however like playing with the big girls, Ivy was playing with him a lot this trip. She told me she likes him now that he talks, and eats real food. :) It was cute she kept asking me what he was saying, like I knew or something :). Good trip.

Lily started off with a look of what is that big thing, Malia got her to smile though.


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