Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July..

My Mom was nice enough to invite us to Tahoe for the 4th of July Weekend. I was excited to get away to nature, something about Tahoe, a forest, a tree, a creek that brings us back to our center.

We drove up early Friday, and made it to Tahoe in good timing. Our room was not ready so we went to lunch and then drove around the lake, hung out at the Hyatt. Keith gambled, Mom and I entertained Baby D outside overlooking the pool. We had dinner at the Hyatt, it wasn't very good, and the price was insane.. We hung out after on the beach awaiting for the fireworks, what seemed like forever. When they did start they were worth the wait, and it seemed you could reach up and touch them. Baby D was not impressed, and really was scared. He didn't cry, but did pass himself from Daddy, to Me, to Grandma looking for a escape.

Daddy and Baby D on the beach waiting for fireworks.

Baby D was a trooper, and did really good. It is hard for him being pretty mobile, but not walking.. he wants to get out and explore but hard to let him just crawl on the ground. He really was the perfect baby, not fussing too much and putting up with all the time out and about.

Saturday we hung around the Village, and went to lunch in Tahoe, stopping at a beach for pictures.

The Village view from our balcony, I wanted to take the cable car to top of the mountain, where the pool was, and other fun stuff.. but no one would go with me.

Baby D reading up on the things the hotel had to offer.

Sunday we hung out at the Village before leaving, and I took baby D to the children's room in the village. They had a cool slide with a wheel at the top, and a fun bead table. D loved them both.

How freaking cute is HE??

It was a nice, relaxing weekend, and I think D enjoyed his first trip to Tahoe.


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