Thursday, August 05, 2010


Ok, so I have to say when you have BIG news on your brain it is hard to get on this blog and update about little things here and there and not mention the biggest news in your life. Could very well explain why I have had only a few post here and here the past few months, huh? So let me catch everyone up, get it out there, and then hopefully start posting again :).

So way back in March we decided to try for a baby, the spacing between children seemed good because I had always thought 3 years was a good amount of time. I did not think we would get pregnant that very first month, but in April I started to feel what I thought could be symptoms. Me being the patient person that I am went out on my break at work and bought a couple test, and tested. To my surprise it was positive :). This was on April 23rd, and I had a night out with the ladies planned for the night. Trying to order a virgin margarita without seeming obvious proved to be difficult, but I managed to pull it off. The next day I took another test and again saw the positive sign. I told Keith that morning. I didn't want to talk about all the what if's and get too far ahead of ourselves. So I told him lets just go about our business like nothing is going on, until we have an ultrasound and confirm that all was going well.

I decided to wait a bit longer till about 8 weeks to have the ultrasound done. I wanted to make sure there would be a heartbeat for sure, and that everything was ok and not go in too early and not be able to see anything. So on May 13th I set off for the drs., alone. Keith was getting ready for his nephew to come into town, Darrian had school... so I thought I can handle this on my own. I show up to find out they had me booked for the wrong appt. paperwork only...grrrr. Pregnancy hormones took over, and after a few tears they said they could get me in for a ultrasound. I waited 45 minutes finally called back, and could tell the dr. was in a rush. He couldn't work the machine just right, and when he finally did I was looking at the screen to make sure I could see something. As soon as the image showed up on the screen I knew something was different. There were two sacs, and what looked to be TWO heartbeats. HOLY SHIT. Then the Dr. says he is not sure if there are two heartbeats, but looks to be two sacs. Could be twins, could not be twins, he was not clear I would need to go to Radiology to have a clearer ultrasound done. 5 minutes and he flips my whole life upside down. I kept saying Oh My GOD. It was most likely the most panicked moment in my entire life. How was I going to do this, how would we do this... He asked me to go up to radiology to book the appt. that they would do at a later date. I ran out of there. Seriously. I walked into the house and I think my face said it all. Keith said what is the matter was there not a heart beat? I told him I was not sure. Then handed him the ultrasound....of course he has no idea what he is looking at. I then said it looks like there could be TWO of them. His face turned into what mine looked like.

To make it all more interesting, Niki was waiting out front because I was going with her somewhere, and I was late. So Keith and I didn't really get to talk talk. Until later. I won't lie and say we had no fears of what could be, I mean going from 1-3 seemed really crazy. We were not sure if our car is big enough, and things have been down so much in the economy to be growing our family that much overnight is overwhelming. Devan was coming in that night so we agreed to not really talk about it and wait until things were confirmed. Of course Keith can't keep a secret for nothing. LOL. Seriously I can be a vault.. him not so much. The next morning he told me he talked to Devan (who is a twin) and realized that no matter what this is a blessing. We can make it work, it will be hard, it will be overwhelming.... but the payoff will be great. There is no denying that Darrian is the greatest gift we have ever gotten, that love times two more can't be bad. It can be hard, but it can't be bad. I will say it was just the pep talk I needed. Keith has a way of being there right when he needs to be... in a moment he will react how we all might, but he bounces back faster than I do.

We went about the weekend, we had a appointment on 5/18 and confirmed that there were two babies right on track growth wise, two heartbeats... two everything. It was great news, shocking news.
From that appointment till now we have been to a MILLION appointments. Seriously the blood work with twins and the amount of appointments are crazy. I have met with three doctors, one of them a specialist. Had a total of 8 ultrasounds at least, and had some scary moments. They were not sure if there was one placenta or two, two is not as high risk and we confirmed I have two. Took a week of worry, but we were happy to hear it.

On 6/17 I had a NT scan done, it was the more enjoyable ultrasound this far. That is where they told us baby A was most likely a boy. The woman was so nice, they had a TV so I got to see the entire ultrasound. It was fun to see them move and amazing to see two babies inside me. We not have it set up so we have ultrasounds every four weeks. I have images I need to scan, and I will get around to it soon.

I started feeling flips at 11 weeks, and kicks at 14 weeks 4 days.

We had our big ultrasound on 7/30 and it looks like two boys :) I am fine being a mama to all boys, I really enjoy it. I actually get really annoyed when people act like having a boy, or all boys is a bad thing or that they feel sorry I don't have a girl. A child is a child... as long as they are healthy no matter what I am given I will be happy.

I am over halfway done at this point, they will have me go to 36 weeks if I can. I am really hoping I can, but I know Darrian was born early so I am preparing myself for that too. I am 19 weeks and 4 days now, if I make it to the point they want me to the babies will be born around 12/05/10.

I promise to update more soon, and to update with pictures of the ultrasounds soon.


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