Thursday, August 05, 2010

Continued Flordia Vacation..

We went to Downtown Disney one of the days, but it was super hot. We checked out the lego store and they have a HUGE disney store too. The rest of our days were spent swimming, relaxing, and the beach. Darrian LOVED the beach. I wish we had warmer beaches here to take him too. He keeps asking to go back.

We had a really great time, despite some bumps I would do it again. I think that Darrian would have a more familiar sense of what is going on and be easier on me. I also would let loose a bit and not try and get him to act a way he is not used to having to act. I am so thankful for Niki and Jonathan, and that they welcomed Darrian and I into their home. It is amazing we are all grown with children, and children on the way. I am glad that I was able to introduce Darrian to people who mean a lot to me. He ask for them all the time. He loved playing with Kylie and London, I really think THEY were the highlight of his trip. He would be fine just being around them. I am thankful they put up with us, our different ways, and Darrian's LOUD screaming. :)



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