Monday, August 30, 2010

Darrian's 3 year check up..

We had a marathon Drs. appt day on friday, one LONG ultrasound for me and then Darrian's check up and a blood draw for him. He was funny when we got to his appt. he kept saying "I don't need to see the Dr. I feel better". He did great with the Dr. though and the Dr. kept saying that Darrian was no small guy and we don't need to worry about growth with him.
His stats were 40 inches tall and 42 lbs.

I can tell he is about to grow again too, my little guy getting so big. He also said D's motor skills are great, and talking a lot. The blood draw actually went really good, he didn't cry till after really when everyone made a big deal about how great he did.

We have started potty training too, a work in progress. Hard to believe in two weeks my peanut is 3!


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