Friday, August 20, 2010

Darrian's first trip to the Library..

I finally got around to taking Darrian to the library. I took him once last year for a Halloween event, but that was not really to pick out books. This time we went to the new Lafayette Library, it is really pretty and amazing how much they thought of when building it. There is even a little outdoor terrace off the kids area to go outside and look at books. He was really good, was not loud, did not grab a bunch of books off the shelfs.. all he did was sit at a little table and we looked at books together. We picked out a bunch to come home with us. I usually stand over his bed ever night and read him short little books. I decided to change our routine a bit and he now comes into our bed and I read him a few books then I take him into bed. I can't wait to take him back he really loved checking the books out himself.


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