Monday, August 30, 2010

Malia Turns 9!!

We celebrated Malia's 9th birthday with her on 8/14. Amazing how fast they grow, and again can't believe she is almost a decade old! We had a great time at her flower themed party, and the kids had a ton of fun playing in bubbles on the trampoline. Darrian loves birthday parties and ask me to go to one every weekend. He keeps asking it if is Malia's birthday again, or Ivy, or Lily's.. any of them will do :).

Here are some pictures of the fun party:

Opps starting at the end. Darrian blew out Malia's first set of candles.. and was so proud of himself :) This was the redo.

Here it is in action, he got them all too :)
The first time:

Lily sat out of the trampoline maddness, smart girl. Super pretty too!


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