Thursday, August 05, 2010

Our Florida Vacation..

Warning I have a TON of pictures. So I mentioned before that Darrian and I went on a trip to FL to visit my friend Niki and her family. You will remember Niki is the one that we surprised in Feb. for her 30th birthday. We were gone for 8 days, and Darrian had a really good time. It was just a mommy/son trip, and I was nervous about the flight. Remember I said that my sciatica was bothering me? So sitting for several hours at a time did not sound like fun. I realized that Darrian gets upset in situations where he is unfamiliar. For example, we got to the airport and have to put everything through the xray, including his shoes. I did not give him any warning and he started to cry and get upset because he thought I was taking his shoes and giving them away. He did much better on the return flight where he knew the drill. He did fine on the first part of the trip, but did not sleep. So onto the second part of the trip there, we had a 3 hour layover. Time to stretch our legs, get something to eat.

Well Darrian wanted to push his stroller everywhere, and it took FOREVER. He loved the moving belts that you stand on, and when it came time to go board our plane he waned to go "this way" to go ride on it. He does not know we have to get on a plane, and he has no sleep. He had THEE biggest meltdown of his entire life. Not just crying, but somewhere deep in him he found this scream. A scream I had never ever heard before. Picture windows breaking. It scared me because I had never seen him this upset. I pushed him off to the side of the aisle and tried to reason with him, he was not even paying attention. Did I mention it is 30 minutes before boarding if that, and EVERYONE who is getting on our plane is watching me? Then there is this eatery place and this young guy comes over to me and ask me to move him or do something because he is so loud. I look and everyone there is staring at me. I was so embarrassed. I start crying. He is crying, I am crying.. a mess. Three people rush over offer to help, take him for a walk, or give him candy and remind me that all kids have moments like this. I decide to take him for a walk. I called Keith. I calm down. We go back. He gets on the plane and before we even back out he is asleep. phew. The problem is, I showed him my cards. He knew that scream got me. So a few more times on the trip he used it. I have to say by the end of the trip he settled a bit more into himself, but since we have been home that scream has not been heard THANK GOD.

We had a great time at Disneyworld, it was HOT. It was fun to see the excitement on D's face. I did not think that he would want to go on many rides since he usually does not love them. However he did really good, and really liked some of them. He liked the fireworks and loved the tram and the trains.

Here are some pictures of our time at Disney. I will do another one with some of our other vacation adventures.


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