Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome to the World Uriah Jackson

On October 9th Keith became a great-uncle, crazy isn't it? Our Nephew Devan welcomed to the world a baby boy Uriah Nasir . Keith has had several conversations with the new Dad and he seems to be adjusting well to the sleepless nights. We have been waiting for some pictures and his Aunt posted some, that I shameless-ly stole for this blog posting. Welcome to the world Uriah, we can not wait to meet you!
Hard to think of Devan as a Dad, especially since I have known him since he was 9! Even harder for Keith was there from the day he was born, and to him that doesn't seem that long ago!
Congrats Devan and Tan!


SAM said...

Don't moments like this make you feel OLD? :-) I have a couple of long lost cousins on FB that I remember when they were born, and some of them have kiddos now.

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