Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Challenge #3 .. A Grown Up.

What is a specific moment/event that made you realize you were truly "a grown-up"?

I think I have had many moments over the past 12 years that have made me feel grown up. All the milestone's moving out at 18, getting married, and having a baby have made me feel grown up a little bit more. I think the biggest moments are when I realize I am responsible for my actions, and also the mentoring of a baby and child. That it is not just about me, but someone else. Those moments. I don't think they have been for me hit me in the face moments, but more of a gradual easing me into the grown up world. Sometimes it all goes so fast, I still say to myself "wow I am someones Mom, I am a wife, I have a career.. " , not sure when the moment will be that those things won't be a shock. I guess when I get to that moment, then I will be grown up :).


Brakes and Gas said...

I am still waiting to be a grown up too!

Anonymous said...

I think Michelle you are one of those peeps that have allways been the grown up. THats why u dont know that you are one yet? Does that make sense?

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