Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fleet Week

Yesterday Grandma and I took Darrian to see Fleet week. We skipped the boat parade (good thing since it was cancelled), and decided to go to Treasure Island to watch the show since we figured we would have a better chance of finding parking later in the day. We found parking, and lots of people who had the great idea of having cook outs on the island. Next year we will do that. We found a little playground and Darrian played there for a couple of hours while the airshow was going on. It was weird to see a United plane flying SO low with the landing gear down. We then thought we would move closer to the bay to see the Blue Angels perform, we waited and waited...and Darrian got so tired..we decided to just leave. We then found out that they canceled it because of the fog ? We did not see much fog, but it was windy. We had a good time regardless, Darrian loved playing on the playground. Next year I think we will make a picnic out of it.


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