Friday, October 23, 2009

Blog Challenge #3 ..Halloween Costumes..

What was your (or your child's) "best" Halloween costume ever?

I have never really loved costumes, I know I know. I love the holiday, but the dressing up part not as much. I think I was a "dead" cheerleader for about 3 years. Which was really just my cheerleader outfit and some fake blood. The one I remember most is when Niki and I went as crayon's. That was fun, but hot. I liked being a witch to, and a pumpkin with all the newspaper stuffed inside. I don't have any pictures handy, although I ran across one the other day.

Darrian's best costume, hard one. I love the lion from last year, and I love the firefighter this year. I don't think I could choose :)


Anonymous said...

a dead cheerleader? you would have thought i could have done that too! lol. i dont think i could pick my fav baby D costume either, he rocked them both!

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