Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch...

Over the weekend we went to the pumpkin patch with Chris, Julie, Ivy and Lily. It was a lot of fun, and lots of laughs. They were nice enough to come to us, so we left to go to the pumpkin patch from there. Darrian was REALLY disappointed when we loaded him into the car with us, and he saw them getting in another car. He kept asking to go bye-bye with Ju-Ju, and crying. Geesh. Chris and Julie were fine with him riding with them so we moved the car seat. I don't think he missed us a bit, and enjoyed riding with them to the pumpkin patch (and home). He loves his godparents, good thing we do too :)
We had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch, even though none of us left with pumpkins :). They were $25.00 for some of them, and well other stores have them for about $3.00 each. We had fun looking though. They had a train, and Llama that Lily really liked, a mini corn maze tunnel, and best of all kettle corn. Oh and these fun carve out picture things you stick your face in, it is really fun trying to get a group picture with three kids. I managed to take a BUNCH of pictures though. We then went back to our house and ordered pizza, and let the kids run around. Darrian loves to give Ivy a bad time, I am not sure Ivy loves it but to him that is the best part. Lily was super cute with "Dee" and picked up on his favorite face at the moment :). She is so full of personality, super cute and she is really funny. Ok now for total picture overload.

She is the cutest right?!

Awh so cute, 8 months apart, love pictures of them together.

This picture cracks me up. Julie is trying to get a picture of everyone. Chris had juice in one hand, trying to hold Lily up in the other, don't let the popcorn fall, and Julie is going "take a picture, take a picture" SO Chris is saying "cheese!"
Kettle Corn is the best..

D telling Lily all about the cars and trains.

D scouting out the pumpkins..

Love this picture of Lily, shows her in full motion, when they still sort of run at a tilt and so full of happiness.

And not so long ago I remember this lovely girl being so small.
LOL this is the face :)


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Great pictures! We went to that pumpkin patch this year - it's super cute!!

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