Thursday, June 04, 2009

A random collection...

I haven't posted pictures in the past couple weeks, or uploaded from my camera. This kind of leaves me with a random selection of pictures. Here are some of Grandma, mine, and D's trip to Half Moon Bay to a little farm they had there. Darrian loved the ducks, and bounce house. That sunday Chris and Julie came over with the girls and played. It was a quick visit, and Ivy wasn't feeling great.. other that all that it was fun to see them. They bought Darrian a watertable to play with, and he thought it had a huge cup for him to drink :)

D in some super cute PJs.

My friday off I took him to a playdate with his friends .

Lily hated my camera. can you imagine if this poor child were mine?

D and his watertable..

playing at the train table with his friend Ty.

Half Moon Bay.. Bouncing with the big boys.

Checking out the ducks


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