Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby D loves hats...

Darrian is growing so much and saying so many new words. Actually most of what we say he repeats. He has also started streaming words together, like the other day he said "Hi Dada, How you?" , also waving to the plane saying "Bye-bye plane, see you later!" . He also loves hide and seek. Since he was walking he has had a secret hiding place for things, our remotes, keys, his sippy cups... Now he also hides himself. He climbed into a cabniet the other day and shut the door, it was pretty cute.

Last night we were in the backyard and he was wearing Daddy's hat. He loves hats. I of course had to get some pictures.

He likes to bring me rocks and bugs. I make an ewwweee face.. this is his impression of it.

Seriously doesn't he look too grown here! I think it is the hat.


April said...'s not the hat that makes him look grown. It's the BIG boy in the picture!! Amazing, fantabulous pics...and adorable subject as always.

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