Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Going to see Elmo...

I thought Darrian might be afraid of the noise, or the characters he loves from Seasame St. being so BIG and in person. I thought wrong. Saturday my Mom and I took Darrian to see Elmo's Green Thumb. I kept telling Darrian all day long that we were going to see Elmo, his response was "huh?". I wore Darrian in the Ergo on my back, he loves riding like that and it was an easy way to contain him without the stroller. We got there a big early and grabbed a bite to eat. Grandma bought him a light toy, and then we went to find our seats. Grandma got really good seats on the floor about 10 rows from the stage. Darrian had no idea what he was there for, and keeping him in his seat till the show started was hard. I thought once the show started he would be in his seat just fine, I was wrong. The show started and I just can't describe the joy on Darrian's face. He wanted down, he HAD to dance! In the aisle, he danced pretty much the WHOLE time. He even had a few characters come down the aisle to dance with him, and tried to join them a few times. A sweet lady nearby made the comment that he was more entertaining then the show, I found myself only watching him too and smiling because he was SO happy!

(checking out the show)
(dancing in the aisles)

(Elmo Balloon Grandma got him, $10!)

I would say he loved it. I can't wait till we can take him to another show like this again.


Sheila said...

That is so fun! I'm too cheap to take the kids to one of these, so we'll have to live vicariously through you all!

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