Friday, June 19, 2009

Flashback Friday .. In Honor of Father's Day

September of 2007, D was two weeks old.

May 2009 D is 20 months old.

Father's Day is Sunday, I thought I would make Flashback Friday about Keith and Darrian. Look how tiny Darrian was, gosh it is so hard to remember him even being that small. I remember back then people asking if we HAD to do pictures right then, he was only 2 weeks old.. this is why I did. I don't think I would remember if I did not have these to look at. Now when Keith holds Darrian his legs hang down below his waist. Amazing.
Keith and Darrian have had a special bond right from day one. From when he was in my tummy and Keith used to laugh when Darrian kicked his hand really hard. Darrian looks for Dada, and although Keith would say he is a Mama's boy.. I think he loves to play with his Daddy and often favors Dada to me. Keith can tease him and drive him crazy sometimes, but it never stops him from coming back for more. I enjoy sitting back and watching their bond blossom. I knew Darrian had him from the moment he walked into the NICU at 11pm at night (he was suppose to be sleeping at home), because "I just had to come see my boy" . It melts my heart when I see them cuddled up together sleeping, and Darrian still loves to lay on Dada's shoulder in his moments of stillness.

Keith is a amazing Dad, I always knew he would be. Happy Father's Day Babe!


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