Friday, June 05, 2009

Lily's 1st birthday!!

Little Ms. Lily turned 1 last Saturday! I can't believe how time flies. I know I say that a lot but really a year, already? We lost our keys doing a garage sale so we were a little late to arrive to the party. It had a really cute backyardagains theme to it. I haven't seen the show, but the colors were really cute. Lily let me actually hold her for a little while, and I taught her to say Owl. Darrian had a pretty good time at the party, he got really tired towards the end.

Lily seemed to love her birthday dinner, cake and gifts. Malia and Ivy also got in on the smashing cake action. All in all a great first birthday. I took a MILLION pictures. Figured out the way to get Lily to be ok with my camera.. put a sugary cake in front of her to distract her. ;0)

She loves cloths, these were her reaction to the new outfits :)


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