Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby D's One Year Check-up

Friday Darrian had his one year check up, when did he get to be 1 ?? Still can't believe it. Dr. said he is doing amazing. She said he is all the size and smarts of a 15 month old. Hard to think of how far he has come from that little peanut born a year ago. She was HIGHLY impressed with his words, pointing, clapping, patty-cake skills.. and on and on. He , of course, was a ham during the visit.

He weighs 26 lbs. and is 31 inches tall.

His words are : Dada, Mama, More, Hi, Hey, Yay, bye, ball, baby (new one), and up.

He isn't super picky, and has now adjusted to milk instead of formula. She said to get him avocados and fish.. so we will work on introducing that.

He gives LOTS of kisses. Nothing can make our day more than him stop playing, and strolling over to give a kiss before going back to what he was doing. Although the times not as often he still snuggles a bunch, which makes my day. I love it when he lays his head on me and just lets me cuddle him.

If there is one thing I would love to see him loose is this high pitch yell he gives out when he wants something. She said it was normal since he is still learning the words, and to try and read the ques before it gets to that point. We are working on it.

(lots of updates coming from the weekend, and lots of pictures.)


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