Friday, September 19, 2008

My Little Landscaper...

Baby D hasn't been feeling that great this week. The Teething Gods are back in full affect and not making him feel great. One more tooth broke through on the bottom left, bringing the total to 7 teeth. Now that he can sit with his chair facing forward he sees me when I am getting in the car after work, and says "hi". This week we went to dinner with Sol, Jouquin's Mom, so we could let her borrow the portable highchair we have. Baby D wasn't feeling great at all and should have stayed home. Ended up with a mess on our hands that would have scared any non-parent person right out of parenthood. I was actually pretty happy with how I responded, and got things cleaned. Not easy.

So after that we have been staying home the rest of the week, laying low. Last night Darrian and I went out back and played with his bubble blowing lawn mower that Debbie got him. He was also sporting the outfit Auntie Dev got him. Honestly, I know he is mine, but how cute is he??

We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us, Garage sales, Play dates, and the preview opening of the new CA Academy of Sciences in SF. FUN! Lots of pictures next week..

Here are some from last night..

Look at this look! It is the teething Gods I think.. geesh.


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