Saturday, September 13, 2008

A year ago today.. (typing from my phone here, forgive any weird formatting). A year ago today at this moment I was getting really to have one of my three spinal tabs. I was so scared. As my baby's birthday approaches and I become a ball of mush. I remember all that has changed in that year. K's Mom was down the hall in ICU being updated by Keith's constant check ins. She was there even if not in person, but down the hall waiting for news. My Dad was still a phone call away. Worried about his daughter delivering early, calling to check in often. I would like to hope that even as tomorrow approaches and as bad as we miss them. That they will be there. Celebrating with us Baby D's first year of life, as much as I hope they did not miss any milestones along the way. So as I go into tomorrow, with family and friends we love. I will remember K's Mom and my Dad..and hope they are there too.


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