Friday, September 12, 2008

The Road to One..

A year ago today I was at work, getting everything done because I had a Drs. appointment that afternoon. Keith and I had gone to the newborn care class the night before, you know the one where you put diapers on baby dolls, practice swaddling it in a blanket, and find out a toothbrush is a great comb for a newborn baby. I was swelling really bad back then, my routine was to go home from work get in bed and put my feet up and stay like that till the next day. That evening by the time we got out of class I could not even bend my legs. Getting in the car was real fun.

I was hoping the next day it would be better.

It wasn't. So at my Dr's appointment when they told me my pre-e had turned into full eclampsia I knew it wasn't great. I sent to L&D to be monitored and talks of bedrest for 3 weeks floated around. I was on my phone googling what eclampsia was, BAD idea. One way to scare yourself.

I am getting mushy as we get closer to the BIG day. My baby is going to be a toddler. Expect sappy post. This is your warning.

How about some THEN and NOW pictures..


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