Monday, September 22, 2008

Crazy Busy Weekend..

This weekend was a pretty busy one. Friday night we did not do much, hung around and relaxed after work. Saturday I got up super early to go to the twin's sale at a local church. I wasn't very impressed by the selection, and actually most of it was for infants *darn*. After that I ran to safeway to get groceries for a recipe I wanted to try out of Bon Apetite. It was a slow cooker recipe so I went home, and had dinner going at 9 am. Feels so accomplished. That afternoon Baby D and I ran to Target, then we went to play at one of our favorite parks Matteo's Dream in Concord. It has a water mister which D loves, except he loves to stand in direct fire and get soaked. He always has a good time though. Mom came over for dinner, the recipe turned out really good.

Sunday morning we went to a playdate in a park in Martinez, it was a photo gtg. Where the Mom's got together with our camera's and played with them.. tried out new things. There were three new babies, all about 3 mo. old. so cute. After that we headed home to rinse off the dirt from the park, change, and headed out with Grandma to the preview of the Academy of Sciences in SF. I had bought a membership pass for D's birthday. I figure between there and the Oakland Zoo membership we won't be bored on a weekend. The members got a sneak peek of the place. They did an amazing job, and there was lots to see and do. After that we came home and crashed.. super tired.

here are some pictures from our crazy weekend...

D loves to run through the mister with his mouth open :)

A little Peek-a-boo

Super tired after the park

*Some pictures from the Photo GTG*

*Some pictures from our trip the the CA Academy of Science*
The Rainforest :

White Alligator

Penguins (D's favorite part)

This is right in front of the glass, the penguins were swimming right up to him.


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