Sunday, September 06, 2009

A weekend away........

(D and Gma)
Last weekend, Mom, Darrian, and I headed to Pammy's house for the weekend. I can't believe it had been already a month and a half since we got back from Mexico. Pammy was nice enough to invite us to come up and stay the night at her Roseville home, for a BBQ and to swim in her lovely pool. Debbie and Heather came down from Folsom (is that down?) with the ever cute Braxton. Braxton just turned two, it took a minute for him and Darrian to get used to each other but by the end of the night they were giving each other hugs with pats on the back. Quite possibly the cutest thing ever. It was a really nice relaxing weekend, and so good to see everyone. Gemma was nice enough to let Ziggy her dog stay the night at Pam's too. Darrian is in LOVE with Ziggy. He would just want to sit on the floor next to Ziggy , and give him hugs and kisses. So sweet. I snapped only a few pictures of the weekend, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully we will make it up that way again soon. Debbie now lives in Apple Hill and I am hoping to make a visit up there this fall to get some pies for Thanksgiving :).

(a non child proof house with lots of drawers = Child's paradise)
(Darrian jumping down the entry way after Braxton)
(running around)

(plotting and mr. ziggy)
mommy..enough with the camera!


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