Sunday, September 20, 2009

Darrian's 2nd Birthday Party --Details

I started planning Darrian's party back in Jan. because I wanted to do something I had not seen before, and I wanted lots of time to pull it together. I was thinking of doing pirates, but I see pirate parties all over the web right now so I thought maybe something like prince or knights. I wanted a cute kid element to it, since D is only two. I thought a cute dragon would do the trick. Once I had the ideas the rest fell into place. I was lucky enough to use talented people from Etsy to bring the ideas to life. I was really happy with how it all came together, and the kids had a great time. I hope it was fun and a few months of rest before starting the next one. Just kidding I promised Keith to not go AS big next year (yea right).

Here are some detail shots of the party..

main table: had the cape favors, favor boxes, the cake, framed invite, and table runner that matched many of the other decorations (pendants, D's shirt), and a framed picture of D.
The cake was amazing and matched the runner and colors perfectly!
Cake and the invite, the dragon on the cake inspired from the one on the invite.
Centerpieces had necklaces and coins overflowing, ribbon that matched the photo banner and the dragon from the invite.
gold coins on the table runner

favor boxes, I left these opened and unfilled we had a pinata and these were used to carry the pinata treats home.
Favors that my friend Lisa helped me make, these are the girl capes and were SO cute on the kids. Also had the dragon favor tag on it.

Invite...LOVED it
table set up
I wanted two pendant's like you have at castles, I originally thought paper one's but the girl who made the banner recommended her friend who did them in fabric. I really loved how the came out. The fabric matched the table runners and D's shirt.

The whole set up with the pendants and the banner...
Instead of party hat's I had crowns made for the kids, in three colors and with the 2 and two dragons on them.
Darrian's special crown
Something I actually made :) A photo banner with a picture from each month from age 1 to 2.
The Castle :)
The photo banner

The custom pinata filled with play dough, jewels (ring pops & necklaces), and treats.

We had cupcakes for the kids with cool crown toppers.


Jess said...

Very cute party, Michelle! Thanks for sending me the link to the pics! =)

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

It was so much fun! Even Tony commented on how great everything looked!

Katherine Marie! said...

AMAZING details! Incredibly sweet birthday boy!

My favorite part detail is the photo garland and the custom take home boxes for candy! :)

What grand birthday memories!!!

Tina said...

Very original! The dragon (cake) was super cute! Loved the crowns too!

Thecitycradle said...

Hi. I saw your party on the creative hostess, how lovely! Just wanted to let you know I am running a contest where you can win $100 gift card to Anthroplogie- I think your party would be a great addition-


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